Alex the Allegator 4

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Alex the Allegator 4
Release dateSeptember 10th, 2003
DevelopersJohan Peitz (design, source code and graphics)
Anders Svensson (music and sound effects)
Code licenseGPL v2 or later[1]
Media licenseGPL v2 or later[2]
P. languageC

Alex the Allegator 4 is a retro-style platformer game made in 2003 by Johan Peitz and Anders Svensson. It is written in the C programming language using Allegro.

The game’s story begins as is usual for platform games: humans abduct Alex’s girlfriend, and he has to find and save her.

The game was released on September 10th, 2003.[3]

It is available e.g. in the Fedora and Debian software repositories.


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