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Nick name(s): 魔大农 ♏︎odanung
Project(s): The Mana World, heXon, Quatter and Edddy
Team(s): LucKey Productions
Used license(s): CC-BY-SA, GPL
Position(s): Artist, Programmer

Frode 魔大农 Lindeijer (born July 6 1988 at 53°0999′N 6°111′E) is the founder and custodian of LucKey Productions as well as both its main developer and audiovisual artist for most of its projects. Before learning C++ and starting LucKey Productions he created art for various other open source game projects, The Mana World being the most notable one.

Modanung is BIG-proficient and a fervent supporter of the open source revolution. You can support his work - among many ways - by donating to LucKey Productions.

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