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You can easily find info on editing by searching for "Mediawiki" and keywords on search engines.


  • How to use categories: Write [[Category:CATEGORY NAME]] at the end (for better overview) of the page.
  • Use and make categories: Categories are very handy for sorting articles, as the category pages do not have to be maintained (in contrast to lists.) Use categories and create new ones.
  • Put categories in categories: [[Category:Real-time strategy games]] is a sub-category of [[Category:Games]]. Many categories can be sorted hierarchically, so exploit this feature.


If you want an article deleted, use Template:Delete to flag the article, and give your reason.

External links[edit]

  • Use lists: When listing external links, don't forget the '*' before each link (or else the link will be text and not a list element.)
  • Be clear and explicit: When creating an external link to, for example the homepage of a game, don't just write the game's name, write that it's the game's homepage.


  • Describe: Write explicitly what the image is. Use links if possible.
  • License: Always say the license of the image.


  • Find out the license: This wiki is specialized on free/libre games, so make sure that the game's source and content are licensed properly. Read more on the Article policy page.
  • Prove that the license is correct: Create a reference to a page or a text file in which the license is named. If no online resources are available, describe in the reference where to find the license statement (e.g. "in the license.txt file of any game archive.") Read more about references at #References.


  • How to use references: Put "<ref>Here goes the reference</ref>" at the place where you want to have a reference to. Write the reference between "<ref>" and "</ref>". At the end of the page, create a section called "References" and put "<references/>" in it.
  • What to find references for: For most things. Especially anything related to persons. Statements also need references.
  • Where to put references: Always put the references at the end of the sentence, after the punctuation, or immediately after the part which the reference is intended to support, if the other parts are unrelated and/or need or have their own references.
  • Citing a reference more than once: To cite the same reference more than once, format the first instance of the reference as "<ref name="name here">Reference here</ref>" and to cite the reference again later in the article, "<ref name="name here"/>" Note that there are quotes in name="name here".
    • To prevent collisions it is a good idea to make the reference name globally unique. In some cases parts of an article—especially the introductory paragraph—may be automatically collected together and displayed in lists. If there are two articles with the same reference name in there, they will clash. For example it is better to write <ref name="supertux2about">Link here</ref> than just <ref name="about">Link here</ref>. The latter name will occur in many game articles and generate errors if they are displayed in the same list.


  • How to find information: Use search engines, look for interviews, reviews, articles.
  • How to handle dead links: If you find dead links, use the Wayback Machine to retrieve now offline web pages.

Pending review[edit]

If you're going to edit articles on LibreGameWiki this message will become a familiar sight to you:

Pending Review.png

Due to vandalism and spamming LibreGameWiki has a very strict moderation policy. With or without an account you are able to edit articles, but your edits are sent to the moderation queue and have to be approved by moderation to become visible on the wiki. Unfortunately, moderation can sometimes take a few days. You have to become an automoderated user to have your edits skip the moderation queue. To become an automoderated user you have to have an account and several of your edits done with this account will have to have been approved. The exact number, however, is undefined, meaning the status will be granted arbitrarily – sort of.