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Date of Birth: July 6th 1988
Nick name(s): 魔大农 Modanung
Project(s): The Mana World, heXon, Quatter and Edddy
Team(s): LucKey Productions
Used license(s): CC-BY-SA, GPL
Position(s): Artist, Programmer

Frode 魔大农 Lindeijer (born July 6 1988 at 53°0999′N 6°111′E) is the founder and custodian of LucKey Productions as well as both its main developer and audiovisual artist for most of its projects. Before learning C++ and starting LucKey Productions he created art for various other open source game projects, The Mana World being the most notable one. Cave Adventure features Frode as the main character, not per request.

Modanung is BIG-proficient and a fervent supporter of the open source revolution. You can support his work - among many ways - by donating to LucKey Productions.

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