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If you want to show support for the Libregamewiki project, you can link to us.


You can use the following banners to link to us:

85x40px: Lgw1.png Lgw2.png

88x31px: Lgw3.png Lgw4.png


Here is an example HTML snippet to link to us.

<a href="">
 <img src="" alt="Libregamewiki"/>


Alternatively, you could replace the link to the main page of the wiki to an article concerning your game of interest.

For example, if you're a member of the Warzone 2100 project, you could replace the default link to point to the article as well the alt text that say something about an article about Warzone 2100 at libregamewiki.

Like this:

<a href="">
 <img src="" alt="Libregamewiki article on Warzone 2100"/>


Most forums support BBCode, an example to use it for linking to us would be: