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The Article Policy dictates what articles can be included in the Libregamewiki. Please consult this policy page regularly as it can expand. Constructive criticism is welcome on this article's talk page.

What can be included[edit]

  • Articles about free games
  • Articles about topics closely related to free games
  • Articles about teams that produce free games
  • Articles about people who have released a free game

Developer articles[edit]

Developers of free games and free game developing teams can be included.

Engine, game and library articles[edit]

To be included in the Libregamewiki, engines, games, and libraries must have:

  • Their source code licensed under a free source code license.
  • Their media licensed under a free media license when applicable.
    • If the official release contains non-free files, a publicly accessible completely playable free package in an operating system’s repository or on other stable site will do, but then the article must be about that version, not about the official one.
  • Preferably at least one release available for download.
  • If there is non-free content, it must not undermine commercial viability, make modification difficult, and anything that would impact the "freeness" of libre games.

Image uploads[edit]

All uploaded images must be placed under a free media license.

What can not be included[edit]

  • Material not related to free gaming
  • Material violating copyright law (for example articles from Wikipedia)
  • Unverifiable information
  • Personal opinions or reviews - references to reviews are welcome
  • Original research
  • Walkthroughs or installation instructions
  • By free games, we meant free as in freedom, not price. Therefore, we do not tolerate proprietary freeware.