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Latest releaseLatest release  ([url Announcement])
Release dateRelease date (month dd{{th}}, year)
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
Code licenseCode license
Media licenseMedia license
P. languageProgramming language
Title is a free engine. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.
  • [Link for developers Development Project]
  • [Link to Web view of source code management Source Code]
  • [Link to bug and feature tracker Bug/Feature Tracker]
|title          = Title
|image          = Image:Image.png
|caption        = Caption
|developer      = Developer
|code license   = Code license
|media license  = Media license
|latest release = Latest release
|release date   = Release date (month dd{{th}}, year)
|release date iso = Release date in year-mm-dd format
|release announcement = url
|language       = Programming language
|library        = Libraries
|platforms      = {{Windows}}, {{Linux}}, {{Mac}}, {{Android}}, {{iOS}}
|link homepage  = http://example.com
|link blog      = 
|link chatweb   = 
|link feed      = 
|link forum     = 
|link pad       = Link to pad_file.xml
|link project   = Link for developers
|link tracker   =
|link scmweb    = Link to Web view of source code management
|scm            = Command to checkout source code (e. g. git checkout ssh://example.com)

Blank template[edit]

|title          = 
|image          = 
|caption        = 
|developer      = 
|code license   = 
|media license  = 
|latest release = 
|release date   = 
|release date iso = 
|release announcement = 
|language       = 
|library        = 
|platforms      = 
|link homepage  = 
|link blog      = 
|link chatweb   = 
|link feed      = 
|link forum     = 
|link pad       = 
|link project   = 
|link tracker   =
|link scmweb    = 
|scm            =