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This user has left libregamewiki ;) bye

I am now back! I am currently expandng articles, cleaning up, adding in new games an deleting red links...what a mouthful

I have done well over 700 edits, and am the 3th hieghest contributer on the site, I'm after you Qubodup!!!

I, John takes part in the by-annual pyweek tournament, and is the founder of the pyweek team Sid the Grasshopper. I currently help maintain PygLibs, for holeinthehead studios, and work on Sid the Grasshopper pyweek team.

I have created a game, and another really rubbish thing:

  • Chain Reaction: Cycle away from the acidic laser!! - For Ludumdare
  • Gunboy - For pyweek 4, and I can't really stand this one, anyway it doesn't count as a game.


I am against violence and bad language i.e. swearing in all ways