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Welcome to the Libregamewiki community! Please interact with the community here.

If you need help (for example, if your IP address is blocked because it or an address near it has been used by a spammer), you can visit the Help area.

This encyclopedia is intended to replace Wikipedia as the primary resource on free games. It is in an early stage of building articles, so it will take a while for it to be more useful than Wikipedia, but it will in the end succeed.

Happy hacking!

Pages and projects[edit]

  • The classroom - Talk about how to write articles, how to improve your style for the wiki.
  • Linking - If you want to show support for the project? Link to libregamewiki!

Old pages[edit]

  • The coffehouse - This community discussion page used to be the old "forum". Now it is replaced by the new forum shown in the section above.


Place to visit[edit]