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Please allow me to edit the wiki.

As I (mis?)understand from what others have written, the rule is based on the number of edits you have made. I.e. your commits get automatically approved if you've made some minimum number which were approved. If that's correct, the number must be very large from what my experience was. It's definitely not helping the wiki maintain a viable community even though I understand the need to fight spam. I don't know whom you can contact. It's a lively discussion over on Libregamewiki:Community portal as well as on Libregamewiki_talk:The classroom. No success so far but add your voice; perhaps we get noticed by someone with the authority to at least reduce it. FacelessLinuxUser (talk) 15:14, 16 June 2022 (CEST)
There are two different mechanisms at play here: First of all there is the normal moderation queue. Bzt has never tried to edit any articles, so there are no entries. The second mechanisms prevents people from editing their own user page before doing any edits to articles. This rule is extremely effective in fighting automated SPAM bots. Therefore it is worth the inconvenience. --Hendrik Brummermann (talk) 00:26, 19 October 2022 (CEST)