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{Gameinfo |title = 8 Kingdoms |image = Image:8 Kingdom - p0605188.jpg |caption = |genre = TBS |developers = Greg, Juan Fernández Martín, and others. |developer = |code license = GPL |media license = |engine = |latest release = 1.1.0 |release date = July 22nd, 2007 |release date iso = 2007-06-22 |release announcement = |languages = C++, Tcl |language = |library = SDL |platform = Linux

|link homepage = http://kralovstvi.sourceforge.net |link blog = https://sourceforge.net/p/kralovstvi/news/ |link chatweb = |chat = |link feed = |link forum = https://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/kralovstvi/ |link pad = |link project = https://sourceforge.net/projects/kralovstvi/ |link tracker = https://sourceforge.net/p/kralovstvi/bugs/ |link scmweb = https://sourceforge.net/p/kralovstvi/code/ |scm = svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/kralovstvi/code/trunk }}

8 Kingdoms is a 3D turn-based strategy game based on hexagons in which the player is a king in a fantasy world. It is licensed under the GPL. The media license is unknown. The latest version of the game is 1.10 released on July 22nd, 2007. It is written in the C++ and Tcl programming languages and uses the SDL library.

It was created as a project at the Faculty of Mathematics and physics at the Univerzita Karlova, Prague in 2004.[1]


2 lists of team members can be found at [1] and [2].


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