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In programming games, player have to develop algorithms for artificial intelligences.

List of Programming games[edit]

This is a list of free/libre programming games:

Game Screenshot Last Release Genres Description
Codewars no image December 31th, 2004[1] Programming
Programming games
Latest release0.3.0 RC4
Release dateDecember 31th, 2004[2]
DevelopersTimo Hallek, Ronny Peine
Code licenseGPL
P. languagesPerl, C++

Codewars is a programming game written by Timo Hallek and Ronny Peine.[3] The latest version of the game is 0.3.0 RC4 on December 31th, 2004. It is licensed under the GPL. The game was written in the C++ and Perl programming languages.[4]

Colobot Colobot-0.1.2-screenshot.png 2018-05-13 RTS, programming
The astronaut watches as his winged grabber is about to change and recharge the shooting bot's power cell. Note the code to accomplish this on the right-hand side.
GenreRTS, programming
Latest release0.1.11.1  (Announcement)
Release dateMay 13th, 2018
DeveloperDaniel Roux at Epsitec, TerranovaTeam
Code licenseGPLv3+[5]
Media licenseGPLv3+[6]
P. languageC++, CBOT
LibraryBoost, OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL

Colobot - colonise with bots - is a combination of a real-time strategy and a programming game. The player takes the role of an astronaut with the mission to find a habitable planet, after humankind plunged the Earth into an ecological catastrophe. The player is not on their own, but accompanied by programmable robots that can help in building and defending structures. Through a satellite link with 'Houston' she/he is directed to complete a number of missions on different planets. The game also involves a rather aggressive though evolving relationship with native alien lifeforms.

Apart from the missions, there are also two game modes that instruct the player in the use of CBOT, the language used to program the bots. This language is rather similar to C++ and Java. During the missions, it's not really necessary to write code for the bots, but it is convenient to be able to adapt the programs Houston offers to the player. Version 0.1.6 introduced the Code Battle game mode, where players first provide all programs needed to operate a base and/or kill all enemies, and then let the programmed bots do their job without the possibility to interfere. The game provides three types of enemies: passive targets, pre-programmed bots and hot-seat play against a fellow human.

Consomaton Consomaton-screenshot.gif 2016-06-17 puzzle, programming
Solving the second level of consomaton (click to view animation)
Genrepuzzle, programming
Latest release1.0.0  (Announcement)
Release dateJune 17th, 2016
DeveloperKenta Cho (ABA)
Code license"MIT"[7]
P. languageTypeScript (compiled to JavaScript)
LibraryNode.js and JavaScript libraries

Consomaton is a puzzle game revolving around cellular automata. The player has to set or change the rules of the automaton so that they transform a given starting state in a console to another given goal state.

Corewars Corewars.png October 31st, 2008 Programming
Programming games
Latest release0.9.13(stable)
Release dateOctober 31st, 2008
DevelopersPhilip Thorne, Walter Hofmann
P. languageC

Core Wars is a combat programming game in which warriors fight to the death in a virtual ring. It is written in the C programming language using the GTK library. It is developed by Philip Thorne and Walter Hofmann.[8] The latest version of the game is 0.9.13(stable) released on October 31st, 2008.[9]

Guido van Robot Gvrng-3.1-escape.png 2009-01-09 Programming education
Guido van Robot Next Generation (GvRng)
Guido van Robot (GvR)
GvRng 3.1 running a complex program on a complex map.
GenresProgramming education
Latest releaseGvRng: 4.1
Lessons: 0.4
Release dateJanuary 9th, 2009
Code licenseGPL[11]
Media licenseGPL[11]
P. languagePython
LibrariesGTK (GvRng)
wxPython (GvR)

Guido van Robot is a programming language, an IDE and a tutorial designed as an introduction to the fundamentals of (Python) programming for beginners. It is licensed under the GNU GPL. The latest release is 4.1 (2009-01-09).

The program includes a tutorial, whose latest release is 0.4.

The program uses:

  • A playfield called “world”, that is created or loaded as a list of locations of objects (walls and “beepers”) and the robot location and the direction it faces when a user program starts.
  • A program, written or loaded by the user in a Python-like language that includes 5 instructions, 18 tests, conditional branching, iteration and new instruction definition.
Infon Battle Arena Infon Battle Arena - Joined.jpg 2006-10-01 Life simulation, RTS, Programming
Infon Battle Arena
Infon Battle Arena - Joined.jpg
2D renderer
GenresLife simulation, RTS, Programming
Latest release265
Release dateFebruary 25th, 2008
DeveloperFlorian Wesch
Code licenseGPL
Media licenseGPL
P. languageC, Lua

Infon Battle Arena is a real-time multiplayer programming game written by Florian Wesch. You control your creatures using the Lua programming language and let them compete for food and survival against other players. The game is client/server based and is playable over the internet. Players can upload code at any moment to update their code or fix bugs while the game is running in realtime. It is written in the C and Lua programming language using the SDL library. The latest release is 265 released on February 25th, 2008.[12] The media and the source code are both licensed under the GPL.

Liberation Circuit Liberation Circuit-large process.png 2017-04-15 Real Time Strategy Programming

Liberation Circuit: Rogue AI Simulator
Liberation Circuit-large process.png
Liberation Circuit: Rogue AI Simulator
GenreReal Time Strategy Programming
Latest release1.3  (Announcement)
Release dateApril 15th, 2017
DeveloperLinley Henzell
Code licenseGPLv3[13]
Media licenseGPLv3[14]

Liberation Circuit is a real-time strategy game about escaping from a hostile computer system, by designing and building units sufficient to the task. Unit AIs are written in a simple C-like language; in an optional programming aspect of the game, the player may fully customise the AI of the units they build using an integrated compiler and editor.

Ruby-warrior no image 2012-04-28 Programming,Roguelike
Programming games
Latest releaseVersion 0.1.3
Release date2012-04-28
DeveloperRyan Bates
Code licenseMIT
Media licenseMIT
P. languageRuby

Ruby-warrior is an AI programming game written in Ruby by Ryan Bates. It is licensed under a MIT license.