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In action games reaction-time and hand–eye coordination are the main challenges.

List of Action games[edit]

This is a list of free/libre action games:

Game Screenshot Last Release Genres Description
Asylum Asylum.jpg 2009-08-17 Action
Latest release0.3.2  (Announcement)
Release dateAugust 17th, 2009
DeveloperAndy Southgate (original), Hugh Robinson (C port)
Code licensePublic domain (original),
GPLv3+ (C port) [1]
Media licensePublic domain [1]
P. languageC
LibrarySDL, OpenGL

Asylum is a 2D platform/shooting game designed and written by Andy Southgate in 1994, originally as a commercial project for the Acorn Archimedes. In 2002 Southgate released the source and media into the public domain, and a C port using SDL is now available. Source code is available for both, so both are free software.

Atanks Atanks - scrnshot28.png 2016-11-17 Action

Atanks or Atomic Tanks is a tank shooting game similar to Wormux. It is licensed under the GPL.[2][3] It uses the game library Allegro.[4] It is written in the C++ programming language.

Bitfighter Bitfighter.png 2017-05-04 Action
Latest release19f  (Announcement)
Release dateMat 4th, 2017
Code licenseGPL[5]
Media licenseGPL[5]
LibraryC++, Lua

Bitfighter is an outer-space combat action game. There are difference ways of playing such as space exploration for warfare and construction.

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CAVEZ of PHEAR CAVEZ-of-PHEAR.png 2011-11-30 Arcade game, Action game

GenresArcade game, Action game
Latest release0.5.1  (Announcement)
Release dateNovember 30th, 2011
DeveloperTom Rune Flo
Code licenseGPLv3
Media licenseGPLv3

CAVEZ of PHEAR is an arcade action game based on ASCII graphics, released under the GPLv3. It is inspired by games like Boulder Dash and Digger.[6]

Childish Cannoneer Childish-Cannoneer.png 2012-09-15 Artillery and Adventure
Childish Cannoneer
GenresArtillery and Adventure
Latest releaseSource Release 2  (Announcement)
Release dateSeptember 15th, 2012
DevelopersWhite Island Software, Piga Software
Code licenseGPLv3
Media licenseGPLv3, GFDL
EngineGambas (picture boxes)
P. languageGambas 3.x
LibrariesQt/GTK, SDL, and the Gambas Runtime Environment.

Childish Cannoneer is the first venture of the "Indie Games" project hosted by White Island Software at the Gambas Forum, and participated in by Piga Software through Graham L. Wilson. The aim of the project is to make computer games to show off the Gambas language, with the eventual hope of inclusion in the Humble Indie Bundle for maximum attention. It is to feature a little boy building a makeshift air cannon from spare parts only to terrorize his older sister, and potentially the whole neighbourhood, while evading the wrath of his father. The majority of the game's multimedia are derived from vector graphics taken from OpenClipart and sound effects taken from SoundBible. Contributions to this project, or the creation of other entities for the Indie Games project, are more then welcome.

Dead Justice Dead Justice.jpg 2003-09-22 Adventure, Action
Dead Justice
Dead Justice.jpg
GenreAdventure, Action
Latest releaseprototype  (Announcement)
Release dateSeptember 22th, 2003
DeveloperOlli Sorjonen, Sami Sorjonen, Jani Kajala, Toni Aittoniemi
Code licenseBSD
Media licenseGPL
Enginecustom 3D engine
Librarylibjpeg, Lua and zlibd

Dead Justice is an 3rd person action/adventure game prototype featuring running, shooting and sneaking. The game is made for Windows. The source code and much of the media assets were set free when the game development company Cat Mother closed offices.

Eskimo-run EskimoRun-0.1.jpg 2006-06-02 Action
Eskimo-run 0.1 Screenshot
Latest release0.1
Release dateJune 2nd, 2006
Code licenseGPL v2 or later
Media licenseGPL v2 or later
P. languagePython

Eskimo-run is a tutorial game that covers most of the basics for making a game in Pygame/Python. The development team is HoleInTheHeadStudios. The game is licensed under the GNU General Public License.[7] The latest version of the game is 0.1 released on June 2nd, 2006.

HeXon HeXon Screenshot1.png 2017-09-08 Action, Arcade
HeXon Screenshot1.png
Astral Arcade
GenreAction, Arcade
Latest release20170908  (Announcement)
Release dateSeptember 8th, 2017
DeveloperLucKey Productions
Code licenseGPL
Media licenseCC-BY-SA
P. languageC++

heXon is an arcade twin-stick-shooter created by LucKey Productions using Urho3D and other open source software.

Binaries are available through, source code through GitLab.

Hexoshi Hexoshi.png 2018-02-26 Side-scrolling Action-Adventure
GenreSide-scrolling Action-Adventure
Latest release0.2  (Announcement)
Release dateFebruary 26th, 2018
DeveloperJulie Marchant
Code licenseGPL
Media licensevarious (all libre)
P. languagePython
LibrarySGE Game Engine

Hexoshi is an action-adventure maze game similar in style to the original Metroid series. The game consists of exploring the world and gathering "artifacts" scattered around, fighting enemies along the way.

Key Runner Keyrunner-3.png 2013-01-05 Action
Key Runner
Key Runner
Latest releaser3  (Announcement)
Release dateJanuary 05th, 2013
DeveloperRuss Adams
Code licenseGPLv2[8]
Media licenseGPLv2[8]
P. languageEnglish

Key Runner is a 2D overhead action game where Moschata, the Key Runner must race to retrieve the key and bring it to the lock.

Kobo Deluxe Kobodeluxe-debgt20080921.png 2007-12-27 Action
Kobo Deluxe
Kobo Deluxe
Latest release0.5.1
Release dateDecember 27th, 2007
DeveloperDavid Olofson, Akira Higuchi, Erik Auerswald, Jeremy Sheeley, Simon Peter, Florian Schulze, Masanao Izumo[9]
Code licenseGPLv2+, LGPL (assumed 2.1; 2, 2.1+)[9]
Media licenseGPLv2 or 2+[9]
P. languageC++

Kobo Deluxe is a 2D scrolling space shooter written by David Olofson, based on XKobo by Akira Higuchi. The latest version is 0.5.1, released on December 27th, 2007.

Liquid War 6 Liquid-War.jpg 2015-05-07 Action games
Liquid War 6
GenreAction games
Latest release0.6.3902  (Announcement)
Release dateMay 7th, 2015
DeveloperChristian Mauduit
Code licenseGPL[10]
Media licenseGPL[11]
P. languageC

Liquid War is an action game that involves blob of liquids written by Christian Mauduit. Liquid War 6 is a complete rewrite of Liquid War as a part of the GNU Project. It is licensed under the GPLv2. The latest version of the game is 0.0.9beta released in August 2010.

Neverball Neverball140.jpg 2014-05-21 Puzzle

Screenshot of Neverball v1.4.0
Latest release1.6.0  (Announcement)
Release dateMay 21st, 2014
DeveloperRobert Kooima
Code licenseGPL
Media licenseGPL

Neverball is a puzzle game in which the player guides a ball through various obstacle courses. The game, including the media, is licensed under the GPL.[12][13] It was written by Robert Kooima. As of 2010-02-22, the latest version of the game is 1.6.0. There is a game based on Neverball, called Neverputt.

Not Pacman Notpacman.png 2013-01-12 Action
Not Pacman
Not Pacman
Latest release1.0.4
Release dateJanuary 12th, 2013
Code licenseWTFPL
Media licenseWTFPL
P. languageLUA

Not Pacman is a pacman-style game with gravity in which the player controls the rotation of the game field.

OpenClonk Darkmine.png 2018-03-17 Action

Latest release8.1  (Announcement)
Release dateMarch 17th, 2018
Code licenseISC[1]
Media licenseCC-BY[1]

OpenClonk is a multiplayer game invented by Matthes Bender. There are elements of resource management, tactics, and puzzle solving.

Open Hexagon Open Hexagon.png 2013-06-16 Action
Open Hexagon
Open Hexagon.png
Circular level with very fast small random walls and spirals
Latest release1.92.b  (Announcement)
Release dateJune 16th, 2013
DeveloperVittorio Romeo
Code licenseAcademic Free License[5]
Media licenseAcademic Free License[5]
P. languageC++

The player controls a triangle, which tries to evade polygons moving towards the center. The triangle can be rotated in both directions. The games gets more difficult over time and the goal is to survive as long as possible.

Pacewar Pacewar.jpg 2017-01-30 Action
Latest release1.6.6
Release dateJanuary 30th, 2017
Code licenseGPL[1]
Media licensevarious[14][15][16]
P. languagePython
LibrarySGE Game Engine

Pacewar is a simple fighting game between two teams of ships. A team wins when it defeats the opposing team a certain number of times more than it is defeated by the opposing team. As a team gets closer to winning, it loses ships.

ReTux Retux.png 2017-08-31 Platformer
Latest release1.3.5  (Announcement)
Release dateAugust 31st, 2017
Code licenseGPL[1]
Media licensevarious (all libre)[17]
P. languagePython
LibrarySGE Game Engine

ReTux (stylized as "reTux" in-game) is a libre 2-D platformer written in Python and utilizing media from SuperTux.

Although ReTux re-uses the art assets of SuperTux, no code from SuperTux is used in ReTux. The software portion of ReTux is entirely new, written in Python and based on the SGE Game Engine.

The main game contains 41 levels split into 5 worldmaps. Each level also has a Tux doll which can be found for bonus points and 100% completion.

It was previously distributed commercially, but released to the public at no charge in April 2017.[18]

Return of Dr. Destructo Return-of-dr-destructo.png 2015-04-13 Action
Return of Dr. Destructo
Return of Dr. Destructo
Latest release1.0  (Announcement)
Release dateApril 13th, 2015
DeveloperMax Savenkov (ZX Studio)
Code licenseMIT[19]
Media licenseCC-BY-SA[20]
P. languageC++

Return of Dr. Destructo is an action game where you have to shoot down planes and make them crash into a boat to destroy the boat. It is based on the game "Island of Dr. Destructo" that is a ZX Spectrum game from 1987.

Starfighter Starfighter13.png 2017-03-03 Arcade
Project: Starfighter
Project: Starfighter 1.3
Latest release1.7  (Announcement)
Release dateMarch 3rd, 2017
DeveloperParallel Realities
Code licenseGPL[1]
Media licensesvarious[17]
P. languageC++

Project: Starfighter is a 2D shoot'em up game by Stephen Sweeney and Richard Sweeney of Parallel Realities. It can run on Mac and Linux platforms. It relies on the SDL library. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License.[1]

Terminal Overload TOL 0.3.1 gameplay.png 2015-05-26 First‐person shooter
Terminal Overload
TOL 0.3.1 gameplay.png
Gameplay on a custom map in TOL 0.3.1, without the HUD.
GenreFirst‐person shooter
Latest release0.7.0  (Announcement)
Release dateMay 26th, 2015
DeveloperMichael "fr1tz" Goldener
Code licenseMIT[5]
Media licenseCC-BY 4.0[5]
P. languageC++, TorqueScript

Terminal Overload (abbreviated TOL) is an experimental online multiplayer first-person shooter game. It is the free and open-source spiritual successor to Revenge Of The Cats: Ethernet and is currently in an early stage of development.

The source code is licensed under the MIT license and all media assets are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

TOL's game logic is written in TorqueScript. The engine is a modified version of the MIT-licensed Torque3D game engine, which is written in C++.

Uebergame Uebergame01-lgw.jpg 2017-01-24 First‐person shooter

Uebergame is a realistic shooter with modern graphics. It's goal is to provide a modern up to date, libre gaming platform for basic multiplayer shooter gameplay types, like deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag etc taking part in different scenarios.

The source code is licensed under the MIT license and the media assets are licensed under CC0 and MIT license license. The MIT licensed assets are derived from open sourced projects from garagegames, so they cannot be relicensed to CC0, but all other assets that get added are strictly under CC0 license.

Uebergame's game logic is written in TorqueScript. The engine is a modified version of the MIT-licensed Torque3D game engine, which is written in C++.

Windys Windys-Screenshot.png 2011-08-12 Arcade, Action Platformer
GenresArcade, Action Platformer
Latest release1.5.0  (Announcement)
Release dateAugust 12th, 2011
DevelopersPiga Software
Code licenseGPLv3
Media licenseGFDL and GPLv3
EngineGambas Platform Engine
P. languageGambas 1.x, 2.x
LibrariesQt, SDL, and the Gambas Runtime Environment.

Windys is a free software action arcade game by Piga Software, originally released on August 12, 2009. It utilizes the Gambas Platform Engine and is designed in a deliberately retro style, featuring ASCII graphics and simulated PC speaker beeps. It is the second Piga game to be released for GNU/Linux, the first being Alexei: Part IX. A bug release version was sent out on September 1, 2011, and a brand new version was released on August 12, 2011 featuring bug fixes, updates proofreading and proper installers on a new Gambas 2 basis.

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