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Physics simulation games are games where the laws of physics and sometimes contraptions that leverage them serve a primary role during gameplay.

List of Physics simulation games[edit]

This is a list of free physics simulation games:

Game Screenshot Last Release Genres Description
Caph Caphgame.jpg 2010-10-25 Physics simulation, puzzle
GenrePhysics simulation, puzzle
Latest release1.1
Release dateOctober 25th, 2010
DeveloperRoman Belov
Code licenseGPL v3+ [1]
Media licenseGPL v3+ [1]
P. languageC

Caph is a physics simulation puzzle game in which the player has to get a red and a green circle together.

Similar to the proprietary Crayon Physics game, Caph has the user draw objects such as ramps, fulcra, levers, and weights to move a ball to the destination using the laws of physics.

Crashtest Crashtest.png Physics simulation

Crashtest is a crash test simulator, written in C++ using the Open Dynamics Engine and PLIB.

FreeGish Freegish.png 2010 Platformer, Physics simulation

Physics simulation games
GenresPlatformer, Physics simulation
Latest release1.53
Release date2010
Code licensesGPL[1]
Media licensesCC BY-SA 3.0 mostly, CC BY-SA 2.5 and MIT some[1]

Freegish is a physics simulation platformer where you control a blob of tar. It can slick and slide and jump. There is also a multiplayer with modes like sumo wrestling and football.

Irrlamb Irrlamb-0.1.0.jpg 2015-10-02 Platform, puzzle, physics simulation
irrlamb v0.1.0
GenrePlatform, puzzle, physics simulation
Latest release0.2.1  (Announcement)
Release dateOctober 2nd, 2015
DeveloperAlan Witkowski
Code licenseGPL v3
Media licenseCC-by-SA 3.0
P. languageC++

irrlamb is a platform game, in which the player moves a ball through a 3D terrain. It is being developed by Alan Witkowski and is based on the Irrlicht Engine.[3] irrlamb is licensed under the third version of the GPL.[4] The latest version of the game is 0.1.1 released on January 3rd, 2013.[5]

Stormbaan Coureur Coureurshot.png 2008-06-11 Physics simulation, Racing game
Physics simulation games
Stormbaan Coureur 2.0.0
GenresPhysics simulation, Racing game
Latest release2.1.6[6][7]
Release date2008-06-11
DeveloperBram Stolk
Code licenseBefore 2.1.4: GPL v2 or later
Since 2.1.4: GPLv3 or later.[8]
Media licenseBefore 2.1.4: GPL v2 or later
Since 2.1.4: GPLv3 or later.[9]
P. languageC++

Stormbaan Coureur is a simulated obstacle course for automobiles, written in C++ using the Open Dynamics Engine and the PLIB library. Formerly known as Sturmbahnfahrer.

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