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Battle the falling blocks!

List of Tetris-like games[edit]

This is a list of free/libre tetris-like games:

Game Screenshot Last Release Genres Description
1D Tetris Tetris-1D-Scratch.png Tetris-like

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1D Tetris or Tetris 1D is a version of Tetris made to be one dimensional, mostly as a math joke. The game exists in a number of versions, some of them free software. The game is also sometimes described as Tetris for those who think that regular Tetris is too hard.[1]

2H4U 2H4U - dbimage.jpg 2007-06-02 Tetris-like
2H4U - dbimage.jpg
Latest release1.3
Release dateJune 2th, 2007
Code licenseGPL
P. languageC++

2HFU or Too Hard for You is a combination of a Tetris game and a wall breaker game. The latest version of the game is version 1.3 released on June 2nd, 2007.[2] It uses the SDL library and is written in the C++ programming language.[3] It is licensed under the GPL.

4D-TRIS Please add the Gameinfo template to the article {Gameinfo title = 4D-TRIS image = Image:4D-TRIS 0.2.2.png caption = genre = 4D, Tetris-like developers = Simon László (Simzer) and others (see Credits) developer = code license = GPLv3 media license = no media engine = latest release = 0.4.3 release date = May 12th, 2012 release date iso = 2012-05-12 release announcement = language = C library = platforms = Windows

, Linux , Mac

link homepage = https://launchpad.net/4dtris link blog = link chatweb = chat = irc://chat.freenode.net/#arianne link feed = http://arianne.sourceforge.net/rss/news.rss link forum = link pad = link project = https://launchpad.net/4dtris link tracker = https://bugs.launchpad.net/4dtris link scmweb = https://code.launchpad.net/4dtris scm =

}} 4D-TRIS is a logic game in 4 spatial dimensions, based on Tetris, written in C by Simon László.

The game uses 2x2x2 levels, thus having a 8-cell bottom like most 2D Tetris games do.

The source code (there is no media, shapes are drawn automatically) is licensed under the GPLv3 or any later version.

Bastet Please add the Gameinfo template to the article {Gameinfo title = Bastet image = Image:Bastet 0.41 cropped.png caption = Bastet 0.41 (a cropped screenshot) genres = genre = Tetris developers = developer = Federico Poloni, based on Petris by Peter Seidler (until v0.43) code licenses = code license = GNU GPL 2+; v0.43 under GPLv3+ media licenses = media license = no media engines = engine = latest release = 0.43.1[4] release date = May 29th, 2014 languages = language = libraries = library =

}} Bastet is a tetris clone that stand for Bastard Tetris. It based on Petris, a public domain Tetris clone by Peter Seidler, and developed by Federico Poloni, with a complete rewrite at version 0.43. As of 2015-01-07, the latest version of the game is 0.43.1. It is licensed under GPLv3+. Version 0.37 was the first public release of the game. It is written in C++.[5]

Comisat Games Collection Please add the Gameinfo template to the article {Gameinfo title = comisat Games Collection image = File:Comisat-Games-Collection.png caption = genres = Snake, Hangman,, Tetris, Board game. genre = developers = developer = Carlo aka comisat code licenses = code license = GPLv2 media licenses = media license = GPLv2 engines = engine = latest release = 0.5.2 release date = October 10, 2006 release date iso = 2006-10-10 release announcement = http://comisat-games.sourceforge.net/en/news.html languages = language = Gambas libraries = Qt, SDL, and the Gambas Runtime Environment. library =


comisat Games Collection is a collection of free software games written in Gambas. It is one of the first notable Gambas games, with exceptions being code examples such as recreations of Snake, Robotfindskitten, and other small efforts. The game is available in English and Italian.

Crack Attack! Crack-attack-debgt20080921.png Tetris-like

Crack Attack! is a puzzle game by Daniel Nelson and Andrew Sayman which is a clone of Nintendo's Tetris Attack. It is written using the SDL and GLUT library. It is licensed under the GPL. As of 2011-07-26, the latest version of the game is 1.1.14.

Cuyo Cuyo.png October 2014 (as of 2016-07-02) Tetris-like games

GenreTetris-like games
Latest release2.1.0
Release dateOctober 2014 (as of 2016-07-02)
DeveloperImmanuel Halupczok
Code licenseGPLv2+

Cuyo is a Puyo Puyo-style puzzle game for up to two players. The player controls falling blocks of various types which change with each level.

Gottet Gottet.png 2018-07-20 Tetris
Latest release1.1.7  (Announcement)
Release dateJuly 20th, 2018
DeveloperGraeme Gott
Code licenseGPL

Gottet is a tetris-like game written by Graeme Gott. The latest version of the game is 1.1.1 released on January 25th, 2015. It is licensed under the GPL. It is written with the QT library.

Hetris Hetris.png 2002-10-24 Tetris

Hetris: An exploration of literate programming in Haskell is a text mode implementation of Tetris in Haskell, created by Ian Lynagh to demonstrate pretty-printing of a literate Haskell program using Haskell2LaTeX. The document produced by running Haskell2LaTeX then LaTeX is a detailed explanation of the structure and internals of the program.

LTris Ltris.png 2013-10-29 Puzzle, Tetris-like
GenrePuzzle, Tetris-like
Latest release1.0.19  (Announcement)
Release dateOctober 29th, 2013
DeveloperMichael Speck
Code licenseGPLv2
Media licenseGPLv2
P. languageC

LTris is a Tetris clone written by Michael Speck. It uses the SDL library. The latest version of the game is 1.0.14 on December 25th, 2009. It is licensed under the terms of the GPLv2.[6]

Sedtris Sedtris-20080526-djvu-sans-mono-bold-20-00fb0.png May 26th, 2008 Tetris

sedtris is a Tetris implementation in sed, written by Julia Jomantaite and released on May 26th, 2008. It is licensed under the Poetic License.

A Bash script can be used, which presses Enter once a second and adds more(?) randomness. The script is based on playsed.sh by Aurelio Marinho Jargas (doesn't seem to have any license attached).

Vitetris Please add the Gameinfo template to the article {Gameinfo title = Vitetris image = Image:Vitetris055-winal.png caption = Windows port of vitetris (pseudo text-mode) genre = Tetris, Text-mode developer = Victor Nilsson code license = BSD-like[7] (see below) media license = engine = latest release = 0.57 release date = September 13th, 2009[8] release date iso=2009-09-13 release announcement= language = C library = platform = DOS

, Windows , Linux

link homepage = http://victornils.net/tetris/ link blog = link chatweb = chat = link feed = link forum = link pad = link project = link tracker = link scmweb = scm =

}} vitetris is a Tetris clone written by Victor Nilsson. It was originally written with only Linux and minimal library dependencies in mind, but is now very portable and can optionally make use of a curses library or Allegro.[9]

Xultris Xultris-2.3.1-xm.png 2009-07-08 / 2007-01-13 Tetris variant
Falling block puzzle games
Xultris 2.3.1
GenreTetris variant
Latest release2.3.2 / 2.3.1
Release date2009-07-08 / 2007-01-13
DevelopersDavid McNamara, Mike Schuette
Code licenseMozilla Public License, version 1.1
P. languagesXUL, JavaScript
LibraryMozilla Firefox

Xultris is a Tetris variant implemented as a Mozilla Firefox extension.