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Games traditionally played on a board.

List of Board games[edit]

This is a list of free/libre board games:

Game Screenshot Last Release Genres Description
3Dc 3dchess.png 1996-04-11 Board games
3D chess
GenreBoard games
Latest release0.8.1
Release dateApril 11th, 1996
DevelopersPaul Hicks, Bernard Kennedy
Code licenseGPL 2+[1]
Media licenseGPL 2+
LibrariesXpm lib, libdx, Xaw3d

3D chess is kind of a chess game on 3 boards. The pieces are mostly from chess. There are 26 directions to move. 3D chess comes with a computer opponent.

British Bingo British Bingo.jpg 2018-04-19 Board game
British Bingo
British Bingo.jpg
British Bingo
GenreBoard game
Latest release1.49  (Announcement)
Release dateApril 19th, 2018

, Linux , Mac

, Web
DeveloperBert Beckwith
Code licenseGPL v3
Media licenseGPL v3
P. languageJavaScript

British Bingo is a 90-ball bingo game with 3 by 9 boards. The computer simulates your opponents who act like elderly people, e. g. by making mistakes and chatting. The number of players and the speed of the game is configurable.[2]

British Bingo is written in JavaScript and runs in a web browser. It does not require a webserver but can be started from a downloaded .html file.

There is no source code repository, but the source code is available for download.

Clippers Clippers.png March 4th, 2010 Board
Latest release1.37
Release dateMarch 4th, 2010
DeveloperSteven De Toni
Code licensesGPL
P. languageJava

Clippers is a board game written by Steven De Toni.[3] As of 2011-07-26, the latest version of this game is 1.37 released on March 4th, 2010.[4] It is written in the Java programming language.[5]

Comisat Games Collection Comisat-Games-Collection.png 2006-10-10 Snake, Hangman,, Tetris, Board game.
comisat Games Collection
GenresSnake, Hangman,, Tetris, Board game.
Latest release0.5.2  (Announcement)
Release dateOctober 10, 2006
DeveloperCarlo aka comisat
Code licenseGPLv2
Media licenseGPLv2
P. languageGambas
LibrariesQt, SDL, and the Gambas Runtime Environment.

comisat Games Collection is a collection of free software games written in Gambas. It is one of the first notable Gambas games, with exceptions being code examples such as recreations of Snake, Robotfindskitten, and other small efforts. The game is available in English and Italian.

Couple-quest Couplequest.png 2017-09-06 Card game
Crosswords Crosswords.png 2016-08-23 Board
Latest release4.4.109  (Announcement)
Release dateAugust 23rd, 2016
DeveloperEric House
Code licenseGPL [6]
Media licenseGPL [6]
P. languageJava

Crosswords is an Android game that is based on the rules of Scrabble. Older versions are available for PalmOS and PocketPC. There is a single player mode where the player is against one or more computer opponents. Multiple player mode is available through Bluetooth or over the internet through a central server.

In addition to the default word list, additional word lists can be downloaded from online within the application. The default lists are BasEnglish2to8, CollegeEng_2to8 (the default for human players), and Top5000 (the default for computer players). A more comprehensive word list is OWL2_2to15.

Deer Portal DeerPortal00.png 2016-06-09 Board games, Card game
Deer Portal
A hybrid of board and card game
GenreBoard games, Card game
Latest release0.7.0-birthday
Release dateJune 9th, 2016
DevelopersRafal Zawadzki, Katia Zawadzka
Code licenseZlib License[7]
Media licenseCC-BY 4.0[8]
P. languageC++

Deer Portal is a hybrid board/card game for four players driven by the four classical elements. The game takes place in an ancient world where the Almighty Deer God is protecting all the compassionate creatures.

Domination Risk - game1.jpg 2015-09-21 Board games
Risk - game1.jpg
GenreBoard games
Latest release1.1.1.6  (Announcement)
Release dateSeptember 21st, 2015
DeveloperYura Mamyrin
Code licenseGPL
P. languageJava

Domination is a game based on the boardgame risk. It is written in the Java programming language by Yura Mamyrin and licensed under the GPL.[9]

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GNOME Games is a collection of sixteen small "five-minute" games in a variety of styles and genres for the GNOME desktop.

GNU Go Gnugo.png 19 February 2009 Board games, Online

GenreBoard games, Online
Latest release3.8
Release date19 February 2009
Code licenseGNU General Public License

GNU Go is a Go‐playing program. It has a built‐in text based interface (shown in this article image), but it can also be used with graphical frontends like like GoGui, qGo and CGoban 1. As of May 2015 the latest stable version of GNU Go is 3.8 released on 19 February 2009. [10] It has been licensed under the GPLv3 since 24 October 2007 in CVS.[11]

GNU Go also provided support for online gaming with the GGZ Gaming Zone service.[12] Along with support for GGZ, it played on Go servers like NNGS Go, Legend of Go server hosted in Taiwan, and the WING server hosted in Japan.

GlParchis Glparchis.png 2016-03-25 Board game
GenreBoard game
Latest releaseV. 20160325  (Announcement)
Release dateMarch 35th, 2016
DeveloperMariano Muñoz
Code licenseGPL v2[6]
Media licenseGPL v2[6]
P. languagePython

glParchis is an implementation the popular Parchis game, which is played with a dice and 4 pawns per player. Players have to move their pawns out of their nest, around the whole board, into the destination of the player's color.

Hnefatafl Hnefatafl.png 2014-08-16 Board
Latest releaser140816  (Announcement)
Release dateAugust 16th, 2014
DeveloperAlexander Söderlund
Code licenseGPL v3 [6]
Media licenseGPL v3 [6]
P. languageC

Hnefatafl is an implementation of a Norse board game. It supports Hnefatafl 11x11, 13x13, and Tablut completely. Other regional variants are partly supported by the provided using rulesets.

Holtz Holtz.jpg 2013-10-10 Board, Online

Holtz is a collection of board games that can be played against the computer or online against other players. Holtz supports the games Zèrtz, Dvonn, Relax and Bloks.

In Zèrtz players alternatingly set pieces onto the board or knock pieces off the board in order to gain a certain amount of black, grey or white pieces.
In Dvonn players form stacks to capture the opponent's pieces without losing connection to the special DVONN pieces.
In Relax players draw color coded numbers at random and place them on the board
In bloks players place one of twenty-one differently shaped stone onto the board alternatingly.

Pachi no image 2015-04-14 Board games
Pasang Emas Pasang-emas-screen-75b.png 2017-03-08 Board game
Pasang Emas
Pasang Emas
GenreBoard game
Latest release5.2.0
Release dateMarch 8th, 2017
Code licenseGPLv3[13]
Media licenseGPLv3[13]
P. languagesC, Vala

Pasang is a traditional two-player board game. The players take turn capturing each others tokens. In the end, the player with the most tokens wins.

Pentobi Pentobi.png 2018-06-28 Board game

Pentobi is a Blokus‐playing program. Blokus is an abstract tile-placement board game with tiles shaped like polyominoes and simple rules. In addition to the classic version of Blokus, Pentobi also supports a number of game variants and similar games: Blokus Duo, Blokus Trigon, Blokus Junior, Nexos, GembloQ and Callisto.

Pentobi officially supports Linux and Android. The Android version does not support the highest playing levels. Older versions of Pentobi also supported Windows, but Windows support has been dropped after version 12.0.[14]

According to one of the top Blokus players, Pentobi is the strongest Blokus-playing program.[15]

Pioneers Pioneers.png 2016-08-28 Board, Online
Screenshot of Pioneers
GenreBoard, Online
Latest release15.4  (Announcement)
Release dateAugust 28th, 2016
Code licenseGPL[6]
Media licenseGPL[6]
P. languageC

Pioneers is a computer version of the popular board game The Settlers of Catan. The game features multi-player (both online over the internet and hot seat) and single player against AI opponents.

Quatter Quatter Screenshot1.png 2016-06-05 Board game

Quatter was created by LucKey Productions in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Blaise Müller's Quarto using the Urho3D game engine and other open source software.

There are sixteen unique pieces, each with four properties. Players take turns choosing a piece which the other player then places on the board. Line up four pieces or form a two by two block with at least one common property to win the game.

Scrabble3D Scrabble3D.jpg 2015-03-01 Board, Education
GenreBoard, Education
Latest release3.1.3  (Announcement)
Release dateMarch 1st, 2015
DeveloperHeiko Tietze
Code licenseGPL [6]
Media licenseGPL [6]
P. languagePascal

Scrabble3D is computer version of the popular word puzzle board game. In addition to a 3D board, it supports the classic Scrabble and Superscrabble rules.

Scrabble games can be played online against other players or locally against the computer.

Tenes Empanadas Graciela TES.png 2007-03-15 Board games, Online
Tenes Empanadas Graciela
GenreBoard games, Online
Latest release0.11.2  (Announcement)
Release dateMarch 15th, 2007
DeveloperRicardo Quesada
Code licenseGPLv2
P. languagesC, Python

Tenes Empanadas Graciela (TEG) is a turn-based strategy game similar to Risk written by Ricardo Quesada and licensed under the GPLv2. Teg supports the GGZ multiplayer server framework. The latest version of the game is 0.11.2 released on March 15th, 2007. It was written in the C and Python programming language.[16]

Although it was written first by Ricardo Quesada, now there are 14 members on the TEG project developing the game.[17]

See also: Risk

TripleA TripleA.png 2017-01-21 Board games
GenreBoard games
Latest release1.9.0.0  (Announcement)
Release dateJanuary 21st, 2017
Code licenseGPL[13]
Media licenseGPL[13]
P. languageJava

TripleA is an online board game which is similar to Risk, as well as a game engine for turn based strategy games.

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