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In memory games, players have to remember events or items.

List of Memory games[edit]

This is a list of free memory games:

Game Screenshot Last Release Genres Description
Auralquiz Auralquiz.png 2012-04-12 Musical, memory
GenreMusical, memory
Latest release0.8.1  (Announcement)
Release dateApril 03rd, 2012
DeveloperJan Kusanagi
Code licenseGNU GPL v2+ [1]
Media licenseGNU GPL v2+[1]
P. languageC++

Auralquiz is a music guessing game, which plays samples from the user’s sound file library, and lets the user guess (choose or type in) the artist or title from the file tags.

BlinKen BlinKen.png Memory
Latest release0.2
DevelopersAlbert Astals Cid, artwork and documentation by Danny Allen, a font by Steve Jordi
Code licenseGPLv2
Media licensesGPLv2; documentation under the GFDL
LibraryKDE libraries

blinKen is the KDE implementation of the memory game “Simon Says”, similar to its hardware implementation called “Simon”.

It is a part of the KDE Education Project (KDEEdu).

Comisat Games Collection Comisat-Games-Collection.png 2006-10-10 Snake, Hangman,, Tetris, Board game.
comisat Games Collection
GenresSnake, Hangman,, Tetris, Board game.
Latest release0.5.2  (Announcement)
Release dateOctober 10, 2006
DeveloperCarlo aka comisat
Code licenseGPLv2
Media licenseGPLv2
P. languageGambas
LibrariesQt, SDL, and the Gambas Runtime Environment.

comisat Games Collection is a collection of free software games written in Gambas. It is one of the first notable Gambas games, with exceptions being code examples such as recreations of Snake, Robotfindskitten, and other small efforts. The game is available in English and Italian.

LevelHead no image spatial memory puzzle

levelHead is a spatial memory game which uses the concept of "augmented reality" (or is it "augmented virtuality"?) for its input.

The player holds a solid plastic cube with patterns on its sides before a camera, and controls the game world by tilting the cube.

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