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Take turns plotting your strategy.

List of Turn-based strategy games[edit]

This is a list of free turn-based strategy games:

Game Screenshot Last Release Genres Description
8 Kingdoms 8 Kingdom - p0605188.jpg 2007-06-22 TBS
8 Kingdoms
8 Kingdom - p0605188.jpg
Latest release1.1.0
Release dateJuly 22nd, 2007
DevelopersGreg, Juan Fernández Martín, and others.
Code licenseGPL
P. languagesC++, Tcl

8 Kingdoms is a 3D turn-based strategy game based on hexagons in which the player is a king in a fantasy world. It is licensed under the GPL. The media license is unknown. The latest version of the game is 1.10 released on July 22nd, 2007. It is written in the C++ and Tcl programming languages and uses the SDL library.

It was created as a project at the Faculty of Mathematics and physics at the Univerzita Karlova, Prague in 2004.[1]

Advanced Strategic Command AdvancedStrategicCommand.jpg 2015-12-06 Turn-based strategy
Advanced Strategic Command
Advanced Strategic Command
GenreTurn-based strategy
Latest release2.6.1  (Announcement)
Release dateDecember 6th, 2015
Code licenseGPL[2]
Media licenseGPL[2]
P. languageC++

Advanced Strategic Command is a turn based strategy game in the tradition of Battle Isle.

ASC can be played against the computer or against other players.

Atanks Atanks - scrnshot28.png 2016-11-17 Action

Atanks or Atomic Tanks is a tank shooting game similar to Wormux. It is licensed under the GPL.[3][4] It uses the game library Allegro.[5] It is written in the C++ programming language.

Batalla Naval no image 1997

Latest release0.60
Release date1997
DeveloperRicardo Quesada
Code licenseGPL v2+

Batalla Naval is a networked, multiplayer battleship game.

There is a newer version for gnome: Gnome Batalla Naval.

Batnav is the old version of Batalla Naval. It consists of:

  • a server for ncurses
  • clients for ncurses, xview, Windows 3.1 and GTK.

Civil Civil.jpg August 9, 2004 TBS, Online
Screenshot of Civil
GenresTBS, Online
Latest release0.83
Release dateAugust 9, 2004
Code licenseGPL[6]
P. languagesPython
LibrariesPygame, SDL

Civil is a turn-based strategy game mainly focused in the American civil war. The game features networked multi-player and is available for multiple platforms. The development of the game stopped in 2005.

Creep Smash no image 2009-08-07 Tower Defense,Online Multiplayer

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Creep Smash
Genres Tower Defense,Online Multiplayer
Latest release0.6.0 beta
Release dateAugust 7th, 2009
Code licenseGPL
Media licenseGPL
P. languageJava

Creep Smash is a multiplayer tower defense game written in Java. It was developed by ten computer science students within a collegiate software project of the University of Applied Science in Stuttgart. The project requirement was to plan, design and implement a Java-based multiplayer version of Tower defense within 2.5 months. Each student had a specific role in the project such as project manager, developer, or tester. After that, Patrick Schlesinger has started to continue the game development and provide a game server with a growing team of developers. CreepSmash is licensed under the GPL.[7] The latest version of the game is 0.6.0 beta released on August 7th, 2009.

Crimson Fields Crimson Fields - screen17.png March 1, 2009 TBS
Crimson Fields
Crimson Fields - screen17.png
Crimson Fields, 0.5.0
Latest release0.5.3
Release dateMarch 1, 2009
Code licenseGPL
Media licenseGPL
P. languageC/C++

Crimson Fields is a tactical turn-based war game of two opposing sides (Empire of Kand and Free Nexus Army). Facing either the computer or another player, turns are taken to move various military units and attack the opposition. As of 2011-07-26, the latest version of the game is 0.5.3 released on March 1st, 2009.[8].It is licensed under the GPL.[9]

FreeCol FreeCol.jpg 2015-10-17 TBS, Economic simulation
GenreTBS, Economic simulation
Latest release0.11.6  (Announcement)
Release dateOctober 17th, 2015
Code licenseGPL
P. languageJava

FreeCol is a TBS clone of Sid Meier's Colonization. It is written in the Java programming language and licensed under the GPL.[10]

In February 2007, it received the Sourceforge.net Project of the Month award. [11]

FreeOrion FreeOrion-0.4.5-screenshot.png 2016-09-22 TBS
Galaxy view
Latest release0.4.6  (Announcement)
Release dateSeptember 22nd, 2016
Code licenseGPL v2
Media licenseCC BY-SA 3.0
P. languageC++, Python
LibrarySDL, OpenAL, Boost, GiGi, FreeType2

FreeOrion is a turn-based strategy game of galactic conquest inspired by the Master of Orion games. As is typical for 4X games, players have to explore their surroundings, colonize new planets, manage their economies, research spectacular technologies, build up military might and conquer their neighbors, and ultimately, the entire galaxy. Features specific to FreeOrion are the diverse fantastical species and peculiar history of the game galaxy, the design of new ships with a multitude of hulls and ship parts available after research, and the possibility of technological victory after researching transcendence.

The game's source code is licensed under the GPL v2 and its media under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.[12][13]

Gnome Batalla Naval Gbatnav.png 2005

Gnome Batalla Naval
Latest release1.0.5pre
Release date2005
DeveloperRicardo Quesada
Code licenseGPL v2+

Gnome Batalla Naval is a networked, multiplayer battleship game based on Batalla Naval.

It includes a server, a client and a robot, and supports IPv6 and GGZ Gaming Zone.

Hedgewars Hedgewars-0.9.6-002.png 2015-11-03 TBS
Hedgewars 0.9.17
Latest release0.9.22  (Announcement)
Release dateNovember 3rd, 2015
DeveloperHedgewars devlopment team
Code licenseGPLv2[2]
Media licenseGFDLv1.2 (images & sounds)
GPLv2 (rest)[2]
P. languageFree Pascal (game), Haskell (game server), C++ (Qt front-end)
LibraryQt, SDL

Hedgewars is a turn-based artillery game featuring fighting hedgehogs. In the spirit of worms, the player has to equip their team of hedgehogs with a choice of numerous weapons in order to combat the enemy. It features an AI player as well as a multiplayer mode.

The game is licensed under the GPL.[14] It requires the Qt and the SDL library.[15]

Kingdoms Kingdoms-0.1.0-1.png 2013-09-24 Turn-based strategy
GenreTurn-based strategy
Latest release0.1.3  (Announcement)
Release dateSeptember 24th, 2013
DeveloperAntti Salonen
Code licenseGPL v3+[2]
Media licenseCC-BY-SA 3.0 [2]
P. languageC++

Kingdoms is a strategy game in which the player builds an empire and leads his nation throughout history. It is inspired by concepts from Civilization.

Liberal Crime Squad Liberal Crime Squad.png September 4th, 2012
Turn-based strategy games
Liberal Crime Squad.png
Latest release4.06.3
Release dateSeptember 4th, 2012
Code licenseGPL
Media license(no media)
P. languageC++

A game made by Bay 12 Games that was closed source until version 3.05 was released under the GPL.[16]

LordsAWar! Screenshot-LordsAWar!.png 2016-10-02 TBS
A random map, with 8 players, and 20 cities.
Latest release0.3.1  (Announcement)
Release dateOctober 2nd, 2016
DeveloperBen Asselstine and others.
Code licenseGPL[17]
Media licenseGPL[18]
P. language C++

LordsAWar! is a GPL, turn-based strategy game which is intended to be similar to Warlords II. It was created from the original C++ code base of the old Freelords project. Freelords has subsequently been restarted and has switched to Java.[19] LordsAWar! was written by Ben Asselstine.[20]

Slingshot Slingshot 0.8.1p p1-p2m.png 2007 TBS
Turn-based strategy games
Slingshot 0.8.1p p1-p2m.png
Player 1 tries to hit Player 2’s ship, but the large planets below change the trajectory
Latest release0.8.1p
Release date2007
DevelopersJonathan Musther, Bart Mak
Code licenseGPLv2+
Media licenseGPLv2+
P. languagePython

Slingshot is a gravity‐based TBS, written in Python by Jonathan Musther and Bart Mak using Pygame. The latest version is 0.8.1p, released in 2007 under GNU General Public License 2 or later.

Tanks of Freedom Tanks of Freedom.png 2017-01-03 Strategy
Tanks of Freedom
Tanks of Freedom.png
Tanks of Freedom
Latest release0.6.2  (Announcement)
Release dateJanuary 03rd, 2017
Code licenseMIT[21]
Media licenseMIT, CC-BY-SA 4.0[21]
P. languageGDScript

Tanks of Freedom is a turn-based strategy game made with the Godot engine. The game is still in development.

You can make infantry, tank, or air units. The goal is to capture the opponent's base using an infantry unit.

Teeworlds Teeworlds.jpg 2016-11-13 Platform, Run and gun, Online
GenrePlatform, Run and gun, Online
Latest release0.6.4  (Announcement)
Release dateNovember 13th, 2016
DeveloperMagnus Auvinen and contributors[22]
Code licensea permissive license prohibiting misrepresentation[21]; some libraries under BSD, zlib/libpng
Media licensea permissive license prohibiting misrepresentation[21]
P. languageC (engine), C++ (game)

Teeworlds is a cartoon style 2D multiplayer platform shooter game (or third person shooter). The game provides an arena where players fight in various multiplayer modes (capture the flag, duel, team death match, race). The player is a Tee, a little ball with hands and feet.

The Battle for Wesnoth Wesnoth.jpg 2016-11-11 TBS, Online
The Battle for Wesnoth
Old version of a campaign in the desert from The Battle for Wesnoth
GenreTBS, Online
Latest release1.13.6  (Announcement)
Release dateNovember 11th, 2016
DeveloperWesnoth team
Code licenseGPL
Media licenseGPL
P. languageC++, Python, WML

The Battle for Wesnoth, or simply Wesnoth or BfW, is a fantasy themed 2D turn-based strategy game started by David White in June 2003.[23] The game is programmed in C++ and its code and media are licensed under the GPL.[24] This game does not require 3D hardware acceleration.

Thousand Parsec ThousandParsec.png TBS

Thousand Parsec
Thousand Parsec Logo

Thousand Parsec (TP) is a framework for creating turn-based space-empire-building strategy games.

Turious Turious-0.3.jpg May, 2010 TBS
Turious 0.3
Latest release0.2
Release dateMay, 2010
Code licenseGPL
Media licensesGPL, CC BY-SA
P. languagesC

Turious is a TBS. The latest version of the game is 0.2 released in May 2010, with the 0.3 version currently in development. It is licensed under the GPL.[25] It requires the RTG library.

VMS Empire Vms-empire.png 2016-01-05 Turn-based strategy
VMS Empire
VMS Empire
GenreTurn-based strategy
Latest release1.14
Release dateJanuary 5th, 2016
DeveloperEric S. Raymond, Chuck Simmons
Code licenseGPL v2
Media licenseno media
P. languageC

VMS Empire is a war simulation between the player and the computer.

WarMUX Wormux 0.8beta4 halloween.png January 21st, 2011 Turn-based strategy
Wormux 0.8beta4 halloween.png
Wormux 0.8 beta 4
GenreTurn-based strategy
Latest release11.01
Release dateJanuary 21st, 2011
Code licenseGPL
Media licenseGPL

WarMUX (Wormux until November 21st, 2010)[26] is a Worms-like game that is licensed under the GPL, including its data.[27][28] The latest version of the game is 11.01 released on January 21st, 2011.[29] This game does not require 3D hardware acceleration.

Xconq Xconq.jpg May 20th, 2004 TBS, Multiplayer

Turn-based strategy games
GenreTBS, Multiplayer
Latest release7.5pre
Release dateMay 20th, 2004
Code licenseGPL
Media licenseGPL

Xconq is a system for creating strategy games. It have the ability for online play and have built-in support for many types of game. It is licensed under the GPL.[30] The latest version of the game is 7.5pre released on May 20th, 2004.[31]

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