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In a side scrolling game the character is see from the side, usually walking from the start at the left to the end on the right side.

List of Side-scrolling games[edit]

This is a list of free/libre side-scrolling games:

Game Screenshot Last Release Genres Description
Apricots Apricots.png August 13th, 2003 Arcade, Side-scroller

Apricots is a 2D arcade side-scroller game in which you fly an airplane, fire missiles, drop bombs, destroy enemy buildings and planes, trying to stay alive.

The latest version of the game was 0.2.6 released on August 13th, 2003.

Ardentryst Ardentryst.png 2009-05-06 RPG, Side-scroller
Side-scrolling games
GenreRPG, Side-scroller
Latest release1.71
Release date2009-05-06
DeveloperJordan Trudgett
Code licenseGPLv3
Media licenseCreative Commons 2.5 Attribution 2.5 Australia License
P. languagePython ("preferrably 2.4+")

Ardentryst is an RPG and side-scroller written by Jordan Trudgett. As of 2009-09-19, the latest version of the game is 1.71 released on May 6th, 2009. It was written in the Python programming language and uses the Pygame library.

The source code is licensed under the GPLv3 while the media is licensed under the Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution 2.5 Australia License.[1]

Battery Screen9 30.png Side scroller

Battery is a browser based top-down scrolling game written by Maxim Markaitis in the Java programming language.

Bloboats Bloboats.png November 23rd, 2010 Racing

Screenshot of Bloboats
Latest release1.0.2
Release dateNovember 23rd, 2010
Code licenseGPL[2]
Media licensesData: GPL[2] Sounds: Creative Commons Sampling Plus License[3][4]

Bloboats is a side-scrolling arcade racing game. The game is similar to X-Moto, but the player controls a jet boat instead of a motorcycle.

BuggyGame Buggygame.jpg March 28th, 2007 Side-scrolling games

buggyGame is a single-player side-scrolling survival-exploration game where a moon buggy is driven across the surface of Earth and Moon. Written by Chris Hopp during the Ludum Dare competition the game uses the Python programming language and the Pygame library.

The story goes that the player is an astronaut about to explore the moon, but his/her buggy just bluescreened (apparently, it was written using the Evil Empire's code). The player must now manually navigate his/her frail buggy to his/her rocket to win.

The code is licensed under the GPL v2 while the media is licensed under the Free Art License.[5]

FLTrator Fltrator21.png 2016-03-15 Arcade, Side-scroller
Screenshot of first level
GenresArcade, Side-scroller
Latest release2.2
Release dateMarch 15th, 2016
Code licenseGPL
Media licensePD / CC BY 3.0
P. languageC++

FLTrator is a simple retro style arcade side-scroller game in which you steer a spaceship through a landscape with hostile rockets and other obstacles. It has ten different levels and a level editor to create new levels or modify the existing.

It is written in C++, uses the FLTK library and has no other dependencies.

Galaxy Forces V2 Galaxy Forces V2 screenshot.jpg 2015-02-13 Side-scrolling games

Galaxy Forces V2
Galaxy Forces V2 screenshot.jpg
GenreSide-scrolling games
Latest release1.85  (Announcement)
Release dateFebruary 13th, 2015
Code licensePublic domain
Media licensePublic domain

Galaxy Forces V2 is a 2D space shooter game with both single and multiplayer game modes. Each player is in control of a ship. The game can both be downloaded and run as a standalone application or run in the web-browser without any need to download or install anything.

Gilbert and the doors Gilbert and the doors.png 2018-07-13 Side-scrolling games

Gilbert and the doors is a 2D platform game, written in C language/SDL1.2. This is simple, but nice to play. The game contain 22 levels with an evolutive difficulty. Source code ready for windows and linux platform.

Hexoshi Hexoshi.png 2018-02-26 Side-scrolling Action-Adventure
GenreSide-scrolling Action-Adventure
Latest release0.2  (Announcement)
Release dateFebruary 26th, 2018
DeveloperJulie Marchant
Code licenseGPL
Media licensevarious (all libre)
P. languagePython
LibrarySGE Game Engine

Hexoshi is an action-adventure maze game similar in style to the original Metroid series. The game consists of exploring the world and gathering "artifacts" scattered around, fighting enemies along the way.

Moon-buggy Moon-buggy.png 2004-12-27 (st.), 2006-03-19 (ex.) Side-scrolling game

Side-scrolling games
GenreSide-scrolling game
Latest release1.0 (stable), 1.0.51 (experimental)
Release date2004-12-27 (st.), 2006-03-19 (ex.)
DeveloperJochen Voss
Code licenseGPLv2

Moon-buggy is a character-based game where you drive a car across the moon surface. You cannot stop, so you have to jump in time over any craters your car might meet.

Ninjapix Ninjapix.png June 14th, 2008 Side-scrolling games

This article has been marked for deletion by a wiki user for the following reason: This game seems to be completely Lost Forever; the Wayback Machine didn't archive it, and the original page it's from is long gone. There's no sense in keeping an article about a game that doesn't exist.

Side-scrolling games
GenreSide-scrolling games
Release dateJune 14th, 2008
Code licenseLGPL
Media licenseLGPL
P. languagePython

Ninjapix is a 2D short side-scrolling game with pixel art style graphics. It was written by PyMike in the Python programming language for the second PyDay competition. The game was released on June 14th, 2008. Both the source code and the media are licensed under the LGPL.

Osgg Osgg.jpg January 01 st, 2009 Arcade

osgg is a Side-scroller/arcade lunar-lander-like game. It is written by Jimmy Christensen and licensed under the GPLv3.[6][7] The latest version of the game is 0.9 released on January 01st, 2009. It is written in the C++ programming language using the SDL library.

ReTux Retux.png 2017-08-31 Platformer
Latest release1.3.5  (Announcement)
Release dateAugust 31st, 2017
Code licenseGPL[5]
Media licensevarious (all libre)[8]
P. languagePython
LibrarySGE Game Engine

ReTux (stylized as "reTux" in-game) is a libre 2-D platformer written in Python and utilizing media from SuperTux.

Although ReTux re-uses the art assets of SuperTux, no code from SuperTux is used in ReTux. The software portion of ReTux is entirely new, written in Python and based on the SGE Game Engine.

The main game contains 41 levels split into 5 worldmaps. Each level also has a Tux doll which can be found for bonus points and 100% completion.

It was previously distributed commercially, but released to the public at no charge in April 2017.[9]

SDL-Ball SDL-Ball.jpg October 1st, 2014 puzzle, side-scroller/arcade

SDL-Ball is a puzzle and side-scroller/arcade breakout-like game. It is written by Jimmy Christensen and licensed under the GPLv3.[10][11] The latest version of the game is 1.01 released on January 11th, 2009.[12] It is written in the C++ programming language using the SDL library.

SDL Sopwith SDL Sopwith 1.7.1 shooting.png 2014-11-17 Arcade, Side-scroller
SDL Sopwith
SDL Sopwith 1.7.1 shooting.png
Single-player mode
GenresArcade, Side-scroller
Latest release1.8.4  (Announcement)
Release dateNovember 17th, 2014
DevelopersSimon Howard; original: David Clark
Code licenseGPL

SDL Sopwith is a port of the old 2D airplane dogfighting game by David Clark, “Sopwith”, to use the SDL. It is being developed by Simon Howard, and is released under GPLv2, like the original. The latest version of the game is 1.7.1 on May 8th, 2003.

Secret Maryo Chronicles Secret Maryo Chronicles 1.9.png 2009-08-17 Platform game
Side-scrolling games
Secret Maryo Chronicles 1.9.png
GenrePlatform game
Latest release1.9
Release dateAugust 17th, 2009
Code licenseGPL v3
Media licenseGPL v3
P. languageC++

Secret Maryo Chronicles (SMC) is a 2D platform game with a style designed to be similar to classic side-scrolling games. It uses the platform independent library SDL and, since version 0.98, the OpenGL accelerated Graphics Renderer.[13] The game is developed in C++ and is licensed under the GPLv3.[14] As of 2009-11-27, the latest version of SMC is 1.9 released on August 17th, 2009.

SuperTux Supertux030.jpg 2016-11-05 Platform game
SuperTux v0.3.0
GenresPlatform game
Latest release0.5.1  (Announcement)
Release dateNovember 5th, 2016
DevelopersBill Kendrick, Ingo Ruhnke, others
Code licenseGPL[15]
Media licenseGPL[16], CC BY-SA[17]
P. languageC++

This article needs update. This article should mention SuperTux 2 which has many in detail improvements over SuperTux

SuperTux is a 2D side-scrolling platform game featuring Tux the Linux penguin mascot. It is programmed in C++.

SuperTux was originally created by Bill Kendrick. Ingo Ruhnke created many of the levels.

The latest stable release was v0.5.1 on November 5, 2016. It is licensed under the GPLv2.[18]

The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. The secret chronicles sc1.png 2015-08-17 Platform game
The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M.
The secret chronicles sc1.png
The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M.
GenrePlatform game
Latest release2.0.0  (Announcement)
Release dateAugust 17th, 2015
Code licenseGPL v3[5]
Media licenseGPL v3[5]
P. languageC++

The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M. (TSC) is a fork of Secret Maryo Chronicles, developed since the latter ceased development.[19]

Trip on the Funny Boat Trip-on-the-Funny-Boat.jpg March 27, 2007 side-scrolling arcade shooter
Trip on the Funny Boat
Genresside-scrolling arcade shooter
Latest release1.5
Release dateMarch 27, 2007
DevelopersPuskutraktori (code, graphics and sound effects by Pekka "pekuja" Kujansuu, graphics and code by Olli "Hectigo" Etuaho, music by Joona "JDruid" Karjalainen); Konstantin Yegupov; uses fonts by Bitstream Inc.
Code licensesGPLv2+; the PixelPerfect library is public domain
Media licenseExpat license
P. languagePython.

Trip on the Funny Boat is a side-scrolling arcade shooter game made by the team Puskutraktori. It is written in Python. It was made for PyWeek 2 competition.

TunnelWars TunnelWars.jpg September 9th, 1998
Side-scrolling games
Latest release1.0
Release dateSeptember 9th, 1998
DeveloperGreg Ratajik
Code licenseGPL
P. languageC

TunnelWars is a 2D side scrolling parallax game written in C by Greg Ratajik. The latest release is on September 9, 1998, and is released under GNU General Public License.[20][21] It was written for the OS/2 operating system.

Word War vi Wordwarvi snap 007 3.jpg August 9th, 2009 Side-scrolling, Arcade

Word War vi is a 2D side-scrolling arcade game in which the player pilots a vi spacecraft to get rid of the memory hogging emacs. It was written by Stephen M Cameron in the C programming language.[22][23]The sound media are all licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license.[24] The rest of the game is licensed under the GPLv2.[25] The latest version of the game is 0.26 released on August 9th, 2009.[26] The game represents a video game interpretation of the lighthearted editor war, an important element of hacker culture.

X-Moto X-Moto 0.2.7.jpg 2014-03-29 Side-scroller

X-Moto 0.2.7.jpg
Latest release0.5.11
Release date2014-03-29
Code licenseGPLv2
Media licenseGPLv2

X-Moto is a clone of the motorcycle simulation game Elastomania which in turn was a clone of the commercial DOS game Action SuperCross. Both the code and media are licensed under the GPLv2.[27][28] The latest version of the game is 0.5.11 released on March 29, 2014.[29]

XBlast Xblast.jpg June 16th, 2006 Multiplayer,Side-scroller,Arcade
Latest release2.10.4
Release dateJune 16th, 2006
DevelopersXBlast development team
Code licenseGPL
P. languageC

XBlast is a multiplayer only side-scroller, arcade bomberman like game. The latest version of the game is 2.10.4 on June 16th, 2006.[30] It is written in the C programming language.[31] It is licensed under GPLv2.[32]

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