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{Gameinfo |title = Adonthell |image = Image:Adonthell0.3.jpg |caption = Adonthell version 0.3 demo: Waste's Edge |genres = Game Engine |genre = |developers = |developer = |code licenses = |code license = GPL |media licenses = |media license = GPL |engines = |engine = |latest release = 0.3.6 |release date = Sep 25th, 2016 |release date iso = 2016-09-25 |release announcement = |languages = |language = |libraries = |library = |link homepage = }}

Adonthell is a game engine, licensed under the GNU GPL.[1] The latest version of the engine is version 0.4 alpha 3 released on May 11, 2009.[2]


The version 0.3 of Adonthell contains the demo Waste's Edge. Dun Barethsol is the next Demo expected with the 0.4 final release.


The development team for Adonthell consists of about 10 main developers plus anyone who is willing to lend a hand.[3][4] In order to make it easy for anyone to participate in the project, the Adonthell Team has created a documentation wiki which aims to contain all the information necessary to gain a knowledge as intimate as is desired of the engine[5].


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