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Biniax is a puzzle arcade game by Jordan Tuzsuzov. The code is distributed under the zlib/libpng license, and data under a Creative Commons Attribution license.


There are a few versions:

  • Biniax (Classic) — the original version
  • Biniax Mobile — a Java version for cellphones
  • Biniax-2 — a refurbished Biniax, supporting multiplayer.


The player controls an element of some color. A mass of pairs of elements comes from above.

The player’s element can collide with a pair which contains an element of the same color, which causes the two elements of the same color to disappear, and the player’s element is replaced with the other element from the pair. This is called “taking the pair”.

In the mass of pairs, there are empty spaces and places that cannot be gone through.

Sometimes, a whole column can be cleared. Then it can be done quickly using the Space key.

The game ends when the mass or another player’s element crushes the player’s element against the bottom.


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