Card Stories

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Card Stories
Card Stories
GenreCard game
Latest releasegit snapshot
Release dateFebruary 02nd, 2012
Code licenseGPL, AGPL
Media licenseCC-BY-SA 3.0
P. languagePython, JavaScript, HTML5
Card Stories is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Card Stories is an online multiplayer HTML5 based game of cards that promotes creativity and imagination. It is developed by Farsides and released under the GNU Affero General Public License.

In 2013 it was awarded a Notable Entry Runner-Up award[1] at the Mozilla Game On competition.


The game consists of a web service written in Python and a JavaScript client. Both the service and the client are written in a modular fashion allowing modules to add additional functionality without modifying the core code. A lot of existing functionality is implemented as pluggable modules. Example of a pluggable module is the integrated chat.

Most recent browsers are supported, including Internet Explorer 8 or newer.


Picking a card to confuse other players.
Waiting for players to choose the card they believe is the Card Story.

Card Stories was inspired by games like Dixit and Apples to Apples. It focuses on creativity and imagination. You pick a word, a set of cards, and have the other players guess which card matches your word:

  1. Pick a card: Chose one of the game cards - this is the one the other players will try to guess.
  2. Write a story: Write a story for your card (think of it as illustration commission, but in reverse.)
  3. Other players pick a card, based on your story: Other players will have to pick a card as well to add to the mix, based on the story told by you (this is to confuse other players while they figure out which one is the real card later).
  4. Players try to find your card: The game will show everyone's cards, mixed up. All players will try to find out which of the cards is yours, and win if they do find it. You win if at least one players gets it wrong.

The game is best played with friends you know (as you can be more elaborate in guessing their choices), but you can also play with other people on the server, or even bots if nobody's around when you get there. Up to five players can play together.

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