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The astronaut watches as his winged grabber is about to change and recharge the shooting bot's power cell. Note the code to accomplish this on the right-hand side.
GenreRTS, programming
Latest release0.1.11.1  (Announcement)
Release dateMay 13th, 2018
DeveloperDaniel Roux at Epsitec, TerranovaTeam
Code licenseGPLv3+[1]
Media licenseGPLv3+[2]
P. languageC++, CBOT
LibraryBoost, OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL

Colobot - colonise with bots - is a combination of a real-time strategy and a programming game. The player takes the role of an astronaut with the mission to find a habitable planet, after humankind plunged the Earth into an ecological catastrophe. The player is not on their own, but accompanied by programmable robots that can help in building and defending structures. Through a satellite link with 'Houston' she/he is directed to complete a number of missions on different planets. The game also involves a rather aggressive though evolving relationship with native alien lifeforms.

Apart from the missions, there are also two game modes that instruct the player in the use of CBOT, the language used to program the bots. This language is rather similar to C++ and Java. During the missions, it's not really necessary to write code for the bots, but it is convenient to be able to adapt the programs Houston offers to the player. Version 0.1.6 introduced the Code Battle game mode, where players first provide all programs needed to operate a base and/or kill all enemies, and then let the programmed bots do their job without the possibility to interfere. The game provides three types of enemies: passive targets, pre-programmed bots and hot-seat play against a fellow human.


The game was first developed and released by Epsitec, a Swiss software company.[3] In 2012, Epsitec licensed the game under GPLv3+ to PPC (Polski Portal Colobota, or Polish Portal of Colobot).[4] The PPC is now developing Colobot: Gold Edition, a portable and bug-free version of the original Colobot. They first ported the game from DirectX to a combination of OpenGL and SDL. After Colobot: Gold Edition is finished, PPC plans to work on the successor, Colobot 2.

In 2014, PPC was renamed to International Colobot Community to reflect a wider target audience. At the same time, the developers have adopted the name of TerranovaTeam.

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