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Latest release2.01
Release date25 Jul 1992
DeveloperRon Schnell
Code licenseGNU GPL v2 or later
P. languageEmacs Lisp

Dunnet is a text adventure game included in Emacs. In Dunnet, we play a people (Robert Toukmond?) who is in a Unix system. We play using basic commands (go, look, take, put...) but the particularity of the game is we can access to computers and change the world. For example, on the computer pokey, a file "paper.o.Z" is in our home directory. The particularity of .o, in the game, is to represents items. When we uncompress the file, a paper appears in our inventory. When we use FTP for transfer our items to the gamma server, the filles disappears and our items too. When we rlogin to gamma, we're teleported to a rooms, with our items.