Eric S. Raymond

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Date of Birth: December 4th, 1957
Nick name(s): ESR
Project(s): Battle for Wesnoth
Used license(s): GPL
Position(s): Programmer
Eric S. Raymond

Eric S. Raymond, or simply ESR, is the co-founder of the Open Source Initiative. He also works on the Battle for Wesnoth project as a programmer and campaign developer.

He wrote the WML (Wesnoth Markup Language) maintenance tools for maintaining campaigns. He co-authored the Northern Rebirth and wrote The Hammer of Thursagan and maintains the history and geography of Wesnoth.

He also took on the job of bug triaging and stomping. In addition, he overhauled the game UI.[1]

According to, Raymond contributed to the Wesnoth project in a variety of languages with the total of 3284 commits and 72,129 changed lines.[2]


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