Frozen Bubble

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Frozen Bubble
Frozen Bubble 2 - Network.jpg
Frozen Bubble 2 in network mode
Latest release2.2.1beta1 (==2.212)
Release date2010-08-06[1]
Developerssee #Contributors
Code licenseGPLv2[1][2]
Media licenseGPLv2[1][2]
P. languagePerl
Frozen Bubble is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Frozen Bubble is a bubble-popping puzzle game. The latest version of the game is 2.2.1beta1 released on August 6th, 2010. It is licensed under the GNU GPL version 2.


The player has to launch coloured bubbles, if these touch at least two other bubbles of the same colour they cause that bubble group to pop. Doing this, the player has to avoid the bubbles in the playing field to reach the bottom which freezes over the playing field and brings the penguin operating the launching machinery to land on his back in despair.

In single player mode, the player has to clear the board in a series of prepared levels which get progressively more difficult. The multiplayer modes, played on either the same machine or over a network, give each player their own field in which to pop bubbles with the last player standing as the winner.


Frozen Bubble is written in the Perl programming language using the SDL library and its related components such as sdlperll and SDL_Pango. There is also a java port of the game written by Glenn Sanson.[3]


The game was developed by 6 developers and translated by lots of people. Their project is also once sponsored by Mandriva, a GNU/Linux distribution company.


Buchan Milne, Helio Chissini de Castro, Thierry Vignaud, Svetoslav Stefanov, Benny Beat, Vitezslav Smid, Swoop, Stephane Fillod, Mostafa Hajizadeh, Anssi Hannula, Steffen Pankratz, Dario Pilori, Julius Vitkauskas, Masao Mutoh, Ankur Sharma, Karl Ove Hufthammer, Marcin Woloszczuk, Nelson do Nascimento, Florin Jurcovici, Andrey 'Dragon' Vlasov, Peter Mann, Marko Burjek, Javier Martinez, Oden Eriksson and Ugur Cetin.


This game would be responsible for delaying Debian's Woody release...[4]


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