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{Gameinfo |title = Heroes of Wesnoth |image = File:Heroes of Wesnoth.png |caption = Heroes of Wesnoth |genre = RPG |developer = Jon Ander |code license = GPL |media license = |engine = |latest release = 0.1.2 |release date = September 3th, 2009 |release date iso = 2009-09-03 |release announcement = https://launchpad.net/heroesofwesnoth/+announcement/3659 |language = C++ |library = SDL |platform = Linux

|link homepage = https://launchpad.net/heroesofwesnoth/ |link blog = |link chatweb = |chat = |link feed = |link forum = |link pad = |link project = https://launchpad.net/heroesofwesnoth/ |link tracker = |link scmweb = https://gitorious.org/heroes-of-wesnoth/mainline/ |scm = git clone git://gitorious.org/heroes-of-wesnoth/mainline.git }} Heroes of Wesnoth is a RPG, written by Jon Ander[1], and set in the universe of Battle for Wesnoth. The last version of the game is 0.1.2, released on September 3th, 2009.[2] It is licensed under the GPLv3. [3] It is written in the C++ programming language and uses the SDL library.[4]

Version history[edit]

  • 0.1 - It is the first release of the project. It is dated May 18th, 2008.
  • 0.1.1 - New addition of map editor. It adds fullscreen support, resizability of window, and video features. Maps received features like support for different animation status of characters as well the camera following the player. New graphics were added for map and units.[5] It is dated September, 18, 2008.

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