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Latest release0.3.8
Release dateSep 8, 2020
Code licenseGPL
LibrarySDL, Qt
JAG is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.
Available as a package in:  
Openlogo-debianV2.svg Debian: jag  
OpenSUSE Logo.svg OpenSUSE: jag 
Flatpak logo.png Flatpak: com.gitlab.coringao.JAG

JAG is an arcade-puzzle 2D game similar to KDiamonds.


The aim of JAG is to break all the target pieces on each level, and to do this before the time runs out. Move game pieces using mouse into matches of 3 or more in a straight line horizontally or vertically. Doing this on top of the target cells will break them. The faster targets are removed, the bigger is the score.

There are single and double targets. Unlike the single ones, double targets are removed in two turns.

Some pieces are blocked. Before removing such ones, blocks should be destroyed. Blocks also can be single or double.

By breaking pieces and targets, you’re earning a score which can be spent for applying a special tool. Tools make the life easier, as they’re mostly intended for breaking several pieces at a time, including blocks and targets.

By breaking pieces of the same type, you’re also increasing bonus counters. If you collect 500 and more items, you can remove all the same items from the field.

It contains two play modes:

  • Arcade: get new bonuses for collected items and use all the tools.
  • Puzzle: you have only two tools (hammer and clock). Also in the puzzle mode level doesn’t fail when the time is over, you may continue, but you won’t get any bonus points if the time is zero.

and a level editor.