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LibreJam is a sporadic (formerly bi-monthly and monthly) game jam that focuses on entirely libre entries. It was established by Katherine Peeters and is also hosted using entirely libre services. Initially operated through an electronic mail list and IRC, it is now administered using the Jamgaroo platform.


December 2020[edit]

Theme: "Engineering in space"

January 2021[edit]

Theme: "Cooperation"

February 2021[edit]

Theme: "Subnautical"

Presumable tie due to lack of ratings.

April 2021[edit]

Theme: "Snowed in"

  • PPP (thematic winner)
  • Hedged (overall winner)

June 2021[edit]

Theme: Time

August 2021[edit]

Theme: Swarm

October 2021[edit]

Theme: Noise

December 2021[edit]

Theme: Leech

February 2022[edit]

Theme: Gates

Another game, Pasture, was drafted by Piga Software but not submitted by the deadline.

This was the first jam to allow development over a two week period rather than one.

April 2022[edit]

Theme: Power

Once again a game, Power Mad, was drafted by Piga Software but not submitted by the deadline.

June 2022[edit]

Theme: Heist

None submitted

August 2022[edit]

Theme: Replication

December 2022[edit]

Theme: twisted

None submitted.

June 2023[edit]

Theme: ASCII

Allotted development time stretched over a month.

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