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Linux Game Tome was a Linux game list and news site that featured mostly free games, but also many non-free ones. It existed at until 2013 when, after several months of inactivity, a dump of the database was released into the public domain on April 13th following an initial announcement on March 25th.[1] The database was founded in 1995 by Tessa Lau, collecting entries from the SunSITE game directories as well as other classic X11 games for a collection of just over 100 titles. It was further maintained by Bob Zimbinski since 1998, with hosting provided by computer retailer Penguin Computing and later provided by Michael Simms of Linux Game Publishing, whose entire web infrastructure was briefly down during late 2010. The site featured a distinctive look and feel inspired by 1950s popular culture, and featured well over 2,000 games and game-related entries such as engines and tools. It also offered various user features such as game ratings, discussion forums and an IRC channel. The forums also served as hosts for various game projects, most notably the Game of the Month team, as well as hosting multiplayer servers. Following its dissolution there were two different attempts, "Resurrecting the Tome" and "LGT Forum", to preserve and maintain the website. The primary mirror today is known as "HappyPenguin - The Linux Game Tome".

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