Matthew Roe

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Date of Birth: ????
Nick name(s): RB0, RB[0], RoeBroes
Project(s): All by HoleInTheHeadStudios, Battle for Wesnoth, Galaxy Mage Redux
Team(s): HoleInTheHeadStudios
Used license(s): GPL, Public domain
Position(s): Programmer

Matthew Roe, also known as RB[0], RB0 and RoeBros, began modding for Battle for Wesnoth in 2004, and started programming in Python in 2005. He co-founded and heads the game development team HoleInTheHeadStudios, which competes in the bi-annual PyWeek programming competition.


Roe is a hobbyist developer, but has created numerous small open-source games.

He is currently working on the GalaxyMage Redux project, as a lead programmer.[1]


While Roe's official nickname is RB[0], due to technical limitations, many environments do not allow this user-name.

He uses RoeBros on sites where there is a minimum number of characters - like gmail, RB0 for sites that don't allow brackets but have no size limitations - like IPB forum boards, and he uses RB[0] for everything else.

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