Me and My Shadow

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Me and My Shadow
Me and My Shadow 0.4.png
Me and My Shadow 0.4
GenrePlatform, Puzzle
Latest release0.5a  (Announcement)
Release dateNovember 3rd, 2018
DeveloperEdward Lii
Code licenseGPL[1]
Media licenseCC BY-SA, CC0, CC-BY a. o. [2]
P. languageC++
Me and My Shadow is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Me and My Shadow is a platform and puzzle game in which the player's shadow plays an important role. The game uses only monochrome colours, fitting the shadow-theme. There is set of tutorial levels which explain the controls, tactics and puzzles elements.

Game play[edit]

Instructions for Me and My Shadow

The goal of the game is to reach the exit in each level. Certain obstacles and puzzle elements can only be conquered by working together with the player's shadow. Therefore the player can record his movements by pressing Space. Pressing Space again will let the shadow perform those movements. Each level can be repeated indefinitely by either dying or restarting it by pressing r.

The player can jump one block high. But by standing on the head of the shadow, two block high walls can be reached.

Puzzle elements[edit]

The exit looks like a door.
Both player and shadow can walk on normal blocks
Shadow blocks
Only the shadow can walk on shadow blocks, the normal player just falls through them
Fragile blocks
Repeatedly jumping on fragile blocks will destroy them
Spikes are deadly, don't touch them
Teleportes can be used to beam to an connected teleporter elsewhere in the level
Will trade places between player and shadow


The development started in April 2009 by Luka Horvat as a Windows games. In January 2011, Omer Bahri Gordebak announced his plans to build a clone which resulted in the release of the source code by Horvat under the GNU GPL.[3]. It is now maintained by Edward Lii.

Me and my shadow was ported to the web using the emscripten c-to-javascript crosscompiler as a proof of concept by Alon Zakai[4].

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