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GenreArcade game
Latest release0.5
Release dateDecember 20, 2006
DeveloperAndy Balaam
Code licenseGPLv2
Media licenseGPLv2 (main assets), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (music)
P. languagePython
Librarypygame, SDL
Mop(e)snake is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Mop(e)snake is a purposively minimalist interpretation of Snake, foregoing any bonus items, power-ups or other "featuritis". It does contain its own innovation with its single-button mode, wherein the head of the snake cycles through directions which are then triggered by pressing any key. This mode requires a slower and more precise rhythm to achieve success. The game features a sampled version of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike track "The Final Rewind" by Tryad.

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