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{Gameinfo |title = Numpty Physics |image = Image:Numpty_Physics_-_np_l2.jpg |caption = Numpty Physics |genre = Physics simulation, puzzle |developer = Tim Edmonds |code license = GPLv3+ |media license = GPLv3+ |engine = Box2D |latest release = 0.3.3 |release date = August 31st, 2012 |release date iso = 2012-08-31 |release announcement = |language = C++ |library = |platform = Windows , Linux

|link homepage = |link blog = |link chatweb = |chat = |link feed = |link forum = |link pad = |link project = |link tracker = |link scmweb = |scm = git clone }} Numpty Physics is a drawing puzzle game, where the goal is to draw shapes on a drawing to get two given objects to touch.


Each stroke behaves like a rigid piece of wire. Its mass is proportional to the length of the stroke. Wires can be bent into shapes by closing a stroke. Such figures do not have substance apart from its perimeter.

Pivots are created by drawing another stroke near the end of an existing stroke. Levers and pendulums can be created using pivots.

Developers / availability[edit]

The game is written by Tim Edmonds in C++ using the Box2D physics engine. There is also a package of user-submitted levels, called “NP-complete”.[1]

There are binary packages for:

  • Maemo OS2008, Ubuntu amd64 (by the author)
  • Maemo OS2008 (770) (built by Bundyo)
  • Ubuntu i386 (packaged by Andreas Jonsson)
  • RPMs for Fedora, Mandriva, SuSE (made by Ivo Anjo using the OpenSuse build service)
  • Microsoft Windows (ported by Thomas Perl)
  • Openmoko Freerunner [2] (ported by Aapo Rantalainen)
  • Maemo6/MeegoHarmattan/Nokia N950 [3] (ported by Aapo Rantalainen)

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