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Open Game Art is an art media repository for free games founded by Bart Kelsey The site went public on March 29th, 2009.[1]


All media on Open Game Art must be free content. Explictly, licenses that are allowed are Creative Commons, GNU General Public License, LGPL, with the exclusion of non-commercial licenses.[2][3] Media types include 2D, 3D, and audio arts.

In addition to the media, they also host a tutorial and article section for art.[4]


The web server hosting cost is about $100 USD. The site is currently funded and hosted by Bart Kelsey. himself.

Donations[edit] accepts donations through a PayPal account. All donations currently (as of August 9th 2009) goes towards commisioning art and for putting up contest prizes. This might change in the future if the server costs increases[5]


As a direct result of donations from user, some art competition are held. These are:

  • The Pixel Art contest ran from June to July.[6]

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