Parallel Overhead

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Parallel Overhead
GenresArcade game, endless runner
Latest release1.0.2 (native), 2.0.1 (web)
Release dateSeptember 28, 2020
DevelopersLinus Vanas (aka Huitsi)
Code licenseMIT License
Media licenseMIT License
P. languageC (native), JavaScript (web)
LibrariesOpenGL ES 2.0, SDL 2
Parallel Overhead is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Parallel Overhead is an endless runner game developed by Linus Vanas (aka Huitsi). Two opposite ships, named Truth and Beauty, traverse an infinite hyperspacial tunnel. They always move in tandem, and the player has to orient both to avoid voids in the tunnel. It can be played from a web browser, from a 64-bit Linux executable or built from source.

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