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Scions of Darkness is a game built with PygLibs for pyweek

PygLibs is an open-source (public domain for now, LGPL or GPL in future, GPL in past),[1] Python library built on top of Pygame that is generally used for making games.

It is maintained/developed by HoleInTheHeadStudios.

It is currently on its 0.3.0 release, but it is going to reach 0.4.0 release by the end of January.[2] This target was not met however.


  • an isometric engine (supports multiple heights and units)
  • a simple gui library
  • a simple networking module
  • an image module (cached loading, animated images, image transformations)
  • a pixel-perfect algorithm (deprecated, will be removed when Pygame releases their pixel-perfect algorithm)
  • a font module to help keeping track of and storing fonts.
  • (In 0.4.0) a splash module.

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