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Latest release1.1.1.3  (Announcement)
Release dateDecember 13th, 2013
Code license3-clause BSD
Media licenseCC-BY-SA-3.0
P. languageHaskell
Raincat is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Raincat is a 2D puzzle game written in Haskell. To win you need to keep the cat out of the rain.

Project team[edit]

(table from the Debian copyright file, similar to the one at the site)

Garrick Chin - Project Leader/Programmer/Level Designer
Susan Lin - Artist
SooHyun Jang - Artist
Anthony Maurice - Programmer
William Wang - Programmer
Andrew Zheng - Programmer
Rachel Berkowitz - Music Composer
Spencer Ying - Artist/Level Designer
Tal Stramer - Level Editor Programmer


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