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{Gameinfo |title = sedtris |image = File:Sedtris-20080526-djvu-sans-mono-bold-20-00fb0.png |caption = |genres = |genre = Tetris |developers = |developer = Julia Jomantaite |code licenses = |code license = Poetic License |media licenses = |media license = no media |engines = |engine = |latest release = |release date = May 26th, 2008 |languages = sed, shell (Bash) |language = |libraries = |library = }} sedtris is a Tetris implementation in sed, written by Julia Jomantaite and released on May 26th, 2008. It is licensed under the Poetic License.

A Bash script can be used, which presses Enter once a second and adds more(?) randomness. The script is based on by Aurelio Marinho Jargas (doesn't seem to have any license attached).

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