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Slingshot 0.8.1p p1-p2m.png
Player 1 tries to hit Player 2’s ship, but the large planets below change the trajectory
Latest release0.8.1p
Release date2007
DevelopersJonathan Musther, Bart Mak
Code licenseGPLv2+
Media licenseGPLv2+
P. languagePython
Slingshot is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Slingshot is a gravity‐based TBS, written in Python by Jonathan Musther and Bart Mak using Pygame. The latest version is 0.8.1p, released in 2007 under GNU General Public License 2 or later.


Version 0.8.1p only supports a local two-player mode.

At the start of a level, two ships and a few planets between them are placed randomly in the rectangular space.

At their turn, a player chooses the power level and direction to shoot at using arrows, and presses spacebar to shoot.

The projectile is strongly affected by the planets’ gravity, so it is not always easy to hit the other ship.

The projectiles leave faint permanent traces, so the players can avoid shooting in the same direction (but they do not indicate the power).

The power used during the level is substracted from the winning score.


The game’s homepage was defunct in the middle of 2009.

Debian (as of 2009-10-18)
  • stable “lenny” - 0.8.1p-1 for all platforms.
  • testing “squeeze” - 0.8.1p-3 for all platforms

External links[edit]

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