Tesseract Trainer

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Tesseract Trainer
A capture of the rotating tesseract at the program’s default settings.
Genresdemo, stereograms, hyperspace, educational
Latest release0.1.4
Release dateJune 9th, 2005
DeveloperMushware Limited
Code licenseGPLv2-compatible, apparently public domain; shareware function included
Media licenseGPLv2-compatible, apparently public domain
P. languageC++
Librariesexpat, GLUT, libogg, SDL. libtiff, libungif, libvorbis, ModernUI, pcre, smpeg, zlib

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Tesseract Trainer is a demo that displays a tesseract (the four-dimensional hypercube, analogue of the three-dimensional cube) as a 2D image, or viewable as a 3D image using a method similar to that one for viewing stereograms. Although it contains shareware functionality (“Unregistered” is displayed in the corner, and a registration code ($8) request appears after some time of continuous running), the source code is available under a GPLv2-compatible license (apparently public domain except for the reused parts like GLUT). It is written in C++, and the latest version is 0.1.4, released on 2005-06-09. It used GLUT, SDL, among other libraries.

The author released all the copyright rights for the game’s documentation.

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