The Legend of Edgar

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{Gameinfo |title = The Legend of Edgar |image = Image:Edgar17.png |caption = The Legend of Edgar |genre = Platform |developer = Parallel Realities |code license = GPL v2 |media license = GPL v2 |engine = |latest release = 1.28 |release date = January 1st, 2018 |release date iso = 2018-01-01 |release announcement = |language = C |library = |platform = Windows , Linux

|link homepage = |link blog = |link chatweb = |chat = |link feed = |link forum = |link pad = |link project = |link tracker = |link scmweb = |scm = svn checkout svn:// }} The Legend of Edgar is a 2D action platform game, created by Parallel Realities.

The source is released under the GPL version 2.


In The Legend of Edgar, you play the role of Edgar as he sets off on a quest to rescue his father who has been captured by an evil sorcerer.

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