Vega Strike

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Vega Strike
Vega Strike - Final Docking Approach.jpg
Final docking approach
GenreSpace simulation game
Latest release0.5.1 r1
Release dateApril 1st, 2012
Code licenseGPL v2
Media licenseGPL v2
P. languageC++, Python, XML

Vega Strike is an action space simulation game. The game, including its media, is licensed under the GPL.[1][2] The latest stable release is Version 0.5.1 r1 on April 1st, 2012.


In the game, you are a space pilot. You can fly around the universe trading supplies and metals, turn bounty hunter and hunt down enemies of the state, rescue pilots, or patrol a system. To carry out these missions, you must have an upgraded ship complete with powerful guns, a fast engine, cloaking devices, shields, and ECMs.


There are several types of species in Vega Strike. First there are the three major powers in the universe:

  • Humans
  • Aera (unfriendly aggressive species)
  • Rlaan (methane breathing aliens)

There are also several lesser powers:

  • Uln (power brokers)
  • Klk'k (extremely friendly to humans)
  • Shmrn (former slaves)
  • Dgn, Mishtali, and Purth (client factions of humans)
  • Bzbr (client factions of Aera)
  • Lmpl, Nuhln, and Saahasayaay (client factions of Rlaan)


  • Aeran Ascendancy
  • Confederation of Inhabited Worlds
  • Forsaken (The Union of Dispossessed Settlers)
  • Hunters
  • ISO (Interstellar Socialist Organization)
  • Interstellar Church of True Form’s Return (Luddites)
  • Human Pirate Groups
  • Rlaan Assembly
  • Shmrn
  • Uln (Sul-Gatwa Celestial Domain)


There are several mods and total conversion for the Vega Strike game.


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