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GenreSurvival sandbox
Latest release1709.00
Release date24 September 2017
Developerdarkrose, Menche and many others
Code licenseGPLv3+ [1]
Media licenseCC BY-SA 3.0 [1]
P. languageC++
Voxelands is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Voxelands is a voxel sandbox survival game. The first aim in this game is to survive in a blocky environment, defend against angry creatures and build shelter. Almost every block can be dug and placed, allowing you to create complex structures.

Almost the entire landscape can be manipulated with digging and building. You can build the world of your dreams, one block at a time.


  • Create you own player character
  • Deep mines with many different ores
  • Peaceful and hostile creatures roam the world
  • Farming and hunger
  • Craft a pickaxe and mine for precious ores to create better tools
  • Mine for gems to enchant tools with unique powers
  • Multiplayer support for tens of players
  • Land ownership in multiplayer to protect your precious home
  • Locked chests
  • Simple mechanisms like switches, wires and lamps
  • Craft your own clothes in different colors
  • Random, huge worlds, each world is different
  • Runs natively on Windows, GNU/Linux, macOS and FreeBSD
  • Supports multiple languages


Voxelands was started as a fork of Minetest version 0.3 by the Minetest forum user darkrose. Since around 2018, the official homepage of Voxelands (www.voxelands.com) is defunct.

External links[edit]

Note: As of June 2019, the official homepage of Voxelands www.voxelands.com is defunct.

Since June 2019, there's an unofficial website created for Voxelands by Robert Kilary a.k.a. OldCoder, mainly for archival purposes: [1]