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Word War vi is a 2D side-scrolling arcade game in which the player pilots a vi spacecraft to get rid of the memory hogging emacs. It was written by Stephen M Cameron in the C programming language.[1][2]The sound media are all licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license.[3] The rest of the game is licensed under the GPLv2.[4] The latest version of the game is 0.26 released on August 9th, 2009.[5] The game represents a video game interpretation of the lighthearted editor war, an important element of hacker culture.


The keyboard controls are atypical, making use of the traditional vi control scheme. It also possible to make use of gamepad such as Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers and Logitech Dual Rumble Action.


Stephen M Cameron started work on this project back in August 23rd 2007. It evolved from a simple "hello world" program using the GTK toolkit.

See Word War vi release history for a complete list of Word War vi versions.


The Linux Format Magazine reviewed World War vi in the August 2008 issue, where it was a hotpick. The Linux User magazine also reviewed World War vi in their August 2008 issue. They rate the game 4 penguins of out 5.[6]


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