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{Gameinfo |title = |image = Image:Gnome-xbill level 20 gnome-games sshot20040803.png |caption = |genres = |genre = Arcade |developers = Psychosoft |developer = |code licenses = |code license = GPLv2 |media licenses = |media license = |engines = |engine = |latest release = 2.1 |release date = |languages = |language = first C++, then C[1] |libraries = |library = }} XBill is a pretty simple arcade mostly written in C++ during the summer of 1994 by Brian Wellington and Matias Duarte of Psychosoft.

With version 2, the game has been rewritten in C.[1]

The latest version of the game is 2.1.


The player is a sysadmin that has to stop little people trying to infect the machines on your network with a virus called “Wingdows [TM]”.


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