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3D hardware acceleration requirement can be tricky in the free software world as most hardware manufacturers don't provide enough information for the writers of free drivers nor release their own free drivers. There is plenty of confusion around this issue because many people don't care whether the required firmware is freely licensed and make statements that muddy the waters.


Intel is your best bet for properly working hardware accelerated 3D. Intel has freely licensed firmware and driver that they support.


AMD (formerly ATI) has a free driver they support but their firmware remains proprietary. You will not get hardware accelerated 3D on AMD with free software. AMD has released specifications for many of their cards.


Nvidia supported an obfuscated 2D only driver for some time in the past. They have not released any specs.


There is a reverse engineered free software driver+firmware, nouveau, which is not supported by Nvidia at all. nouveau enables hardware accelerated 3D for some Nvidia cards.

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