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This page attempts to give accurate game compatibility information for different graphic cards, but, as of March 2009, it is obsolete.

Free Driver Compatibility[edit]

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Game Ati r200(mesa 7.0.2) Ati r300(mesa 7.0.2) Nvidia nouveau(gallium 3d) NV40 series
Adanaxis 1.2.5 ? ? Needs texture compression to be disabled in its configuration. Loses textures on level change, or with high texture detail, or where there are many textured objects (GL out of memory).
Canta 0.2-beta4 ? ? Crashes often, with “python: vbo/vbo_exec_draw.c:184: vbo_exec_bind_arrays: Assertion `exec->vtx.bufferobj->Pointer' failed.”

Cultivation 8.20070809 Yes

Crystalcore 0.0.1(with crystalspace/cel 1.2) Yes

too slow or freeze(don't know which one)

Extreme Tux Racer 0.4 ? Yes

FlightGear 1.0 Yes

too slow


Interstate Outlaws[1] Yes


Maniadrive 1.2 Yes

Nexuiz 2.4 Yes


Neverball 1.4.0 ? Yes

Loses textures after some things

OpenArena 0.7.6 Yes



Search and Rescue 0.8.2 crashes

Sinatra 1.0 ? ? Doesn't seem usable.

Slune 1.0.13-1 ? ? Yes

SMC(secret maryo chronicles) 1.4 Yes

too slow

Stormbaan Coureur and crashtest ? Yes


Tesseract Trainer 0.1.4 ? ? Yes

TORCS 1.3.0 ? Yes

Trackballs 1.1.2 slow

Transcend 0.3 ? ? Yes

Tremulous 1.1.0 Yes



TuxKart 0.4.0 ? ? Can crash X and cause a Linux error

UltraStar-NG 0.2.1 ? ? Yes

UltraStar-NG trunk 20080711 (rev.823) ? ? GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY when going to the songs

Performous trunk 20081020 (rev.1088) ? ? GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY (numbers etc white out) during a song, unless it is too slow to play or the song is short enough.
Warzone 2100 2.1.0~1.beta2-1 in Debian, 2.0.10 ? ? Depending on resolution, can hang after some time, or lose some textures.


  1. you must unset CRYSTAL_CONFIG and CRYSTAL_PLUGIN is you have crystalspace installed

Games that don't require 3D acceleration[edit]

Java Virtual Machine Compatibility[edit]

Game icedtea gcj 4.3.0_alpha20080215 cacao
jrisk ? No


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