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Arduboy is a small free and open-source handheld retro gaming console in the style of the original Gameboy. It runs simple monochromatic games. The Arduboy community actively develops many games under free licenses. The console is similar to other open consoles such as Gamebuino, Uzebox and Pokitto.

It has been crowdfunded in 2015 and is based on Arduino, which is an open hardware platform with free libraries. The Arduboy development library is licensed under BSD 3-clause license. Programming can be performed under Window, Mac and GNU/Linux using Arduino official tools.

The Arduboy features are following:

  • credit card sized, 5mm thick
  • 128 x 64 monochromatic display
  • 8bit MCU (ATmega 32u4), 16 MHz
  • 32 KB flash memory for programs (only one game can be loaded at the time)
  • 2.5 KB RAM
  • 1 KB EEPROM (persistent storage)
  • 6 buttons (arrows, A, B)
  • speaker

There is an emulator, licensed MIT, that allows Arduboy games to be played in the web browser (a standalone version exists as well). It is still in development and missing some of the Arduboy features, but is in a very usable state.

An unofficial game repository exists with free games tagged as libre.

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