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{gameinfo |title = British Bingo |image = Image:British Bingo.jpg |caption = British Bingo |genre = Board game |developer = Bert Beckwith |code license = GPL v3 |media license = GPL v3 |engine = |latest release = 1.49 |release date = April 19th, 2018 |release date iso = 2018-04-19 |release announcement = |language = JavaScript |library = |platforms = Windows , Linux , Mac , Web

|link homepage = |link blog = |link chatweb = |chat = |link feed = |link forum = |link pad = |link project = |link tracker = |link scmweb = |scm = get }} British Bingo is a 90-ball bingo game with 3 by 9 boards. The computer simulates your opponents who act like elderly people, e. g. by making mistakes and chatting. The number of players and the speed of the game is configurable.[1]

British Bingo is written in JavaScript and runs in a web browser. It does not require a webserver but can be started from a downloaded .html file.

There is no source code repository, but the source code is available for download.

Release history[edit]

version date changes
1.49 2018-04-19 adds two charts and three animations [2]
1.48 2017-12-11 makes the sound more reliable [3]
1.47 2017-02-15 adds chart showing how many numbers players have got [4]
1.46 2016-06-27 adds charts of the number of balls to get a line or house [5]

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